Easily Find and Delete Tweets (X Posts) and Likes


Our proprietary platform streamlines your X, formerly Twitter, page with ease. Delete X posts, or find your old tweets and likes using our filtering tool. Then, let TweetDelete do the hard work and bulk delete all your tweets/posts. It's that simple. Really.

Over 2 million+ users
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Over 2 million+ users
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TweetDelete graphic of a woman with an "OK" hand gesture, holding her laptop with a bluebird drawing sitting on top of it.

Delete Tweets and X Posts

Use our platform to delete tweets / X posts. TweetDelete offers a variety of options for eradicating all your tweets from the past. Delete a few or all of them. It's up to you.

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Erase Likes

Our advanced filtering system lets you find old likes you want to remove. You won't be able to view these likes on your X account anymore, and neither will anyone else who views your profile.

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Schedule and Automate Tasks

Set it and forget it with TweetDelete's Automatic Tasks feature. Tasks run in the background to delete tweets (X posts) or likes so your X profile always looks clean, professional and streamlined.

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Mass Delete Tweets on X.com

Bulk delete tweets (X posts) and likes with just one click. You even can delete tweets in bulk from your X archive, formerly your Twitter archive. Tidy up your X account and gain privacy at the same time.

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TweetDelete graphic of the site platform deleting tweets using an X archive file.

Delete All My Tweets / X Posts

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I delete all my tweets?” TweetDelete helps you bulk delete past tweets. Enter the date range of the tweets (X posts) you want deleted, and our platform does the rest. Rest assured that TweetDelete gives your X, formerly Twitter, timeline a clean slate to start your journey all over again.

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Auto Delete Tweets / X Posts

Schedule a task and walk away with TweetDelete’s auto-delete tweets functionality. Manually deleting X posts is time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of old tweets. TweetDelete helps automate this process so that you can spend less time on X.com and more time on other things. You control how often you want TweetDelete to erase your tweets (X posts), and tweet likes. Manage your X account as you prefer, from once a week to annually.

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Delete Tweets From Archive

If you’re an avid tweeter with more than 3,200 tweets under your belt, TweetDelete helps you erase X posts and tweets you can’t see. After 3,200 posts on the X platform, the site archives your old posts aka old tweets automatically. Protect your privacy and let TweetDelete delete tweets from archive data. Archival post and tweet deleting is important, especially if your current views don’t align with the past. Your X, formerly Twitter, profile has never looked better. We promise.

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Delete Multiple Tweets / X Posts

We know it’s tedious to delete multiple tweets/posts one at a time. Is your Twitter feed on X.com cluttered with old tweets? Maybe there are a few embarrassing posts you want to erase. Deleting tweets in bulk helps you clean up your feed and make it more organized. Put time back into your day and let TweetDelete delete all your tweets and old posts at once. You set the parameters of the deletion. Choose a date range or a keyword, then let TweetDelete delete all tweets / X posts you no longer want.

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Unlike Tweets / X Posts

Have you liked a tweet / X post but later changed your mind about it? TweetDelete helps you unlike X posts/tweets, to remove your endorsement. It’s helpful if you no longer agree with the post. Or, maybe you don't want to associate with the message anymore. Whatever the reason, TweetDelete assists you in unliking multiple tweets at once.

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See Deleted Tweets / X Posts

If you want to see deleted tweets, you have a good reason. Deleted X posts hold people accountable for their words. You use them for research or to learn about history. It’s no wonder people want to view deleted tweets on X.com — whether it's their own, other platform users’ or media tweets. If you want to see your own, start by requesting your X archive, formerly your Twitter archive. Then, TweetDelete can help to sort and search through your deleted tweets (X posts).

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I’ve been using twitter for over 10 years now - I didn’t even remember all the things I had Tweeted in the past. I was shocked at some of the Tweets I found and happy to delete them before anyone saw.


Francis Ellis


I bet everyone has cringe things that they Tweeted in the past. While you may not see them easily, future employers can so it’s a good idea to find and sweep all old tweets when applying just in case.


Amy Hill

@Amy Hill

I’ve definitely changed over the years, but my old Tweets haven’t. I was glad to be able to find them - and while I enjoyed the trip down memory lane, I was happy to delete the ones that made me blush.


Kitty Alvarez


TweetDelete is a service for X users aka Twitter users. It can mass delete your Twitter / X posts based on their age or specific text they contain. It can also run automatically on a schedule if you wish.

TweetDelete is useful for people who'd like to limit the amount of data they expose about themselves online. Some specific examples where TweetDelete could be handy:

  • To prevent a new employer from seeing something regrettable that you said on Twitter years ago.
  • To remove references to an old partner after starting a new relationship.
  • To repurpose an existing X account (e.g. for business use instead of personal) and remove everything in it.
We've been operating since October 2011. The current website launched in June 2019, bringing a complete redesign and numerous new features and improvements.
[This is a premium feature]
Yes, you can upload your X / Twitter data file for us to process, which allows you to delete any number of old tweets and X posts. See the upload instructions for more details on how this works.
[This is a premium feature intended for more advanced users]
Yes. If TweetDelete doesn't have an option for what you want to use as a filter, you can submit the numeric IDs of specific X posts/tweets for us to delete. See the advanced mode instructions.