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Twitter Archive: Every Detail About Your Data

A picture of someone browsing through their Twitter account on an iPhone.

Like every social media platform, Twitter keeps an archive of every account. This archive contains information on old tweets, direct messages, retweets, media, and other content. It serves as a backup in case users need to reload their data. It is also useful for clearing unwanted data effortlessly. Hence, it is quite essential to understand … Read more

Embed Twitter: Guide To Displaying Your Post on Websites

A picture of the YouTube logo on a black background.

Twitter is one of the effective ways for brands to reach their target audience. Over the years, the platform has allowed people to discover brands through websites. Brands putting their Twitter feeds on websites has enabled visitors to keep up with their tweet activity. It has also increased their engagement with website visitors. However, none … Read more

See Deleted Tweets: Is This Activity Possible?

A picture of a smartphone displaying Netflix UK and Ireland’s Twitter account.

People publish a lot of controversial posts on Twitter every day. But while some of those posts survive the backlash that ensues, authors delete most of them. However, there is sometimes the need to see deleted tweets; but many people are still unclear about what to do. In fact, there has been debate about the … Read more

Delete All Tweets: The Essential Guide You Need

A picture of a white paper containing the word ‘Twitter Archive’ attached to a typewriter.

Twitter is an interesting space that hosts tons of value-adding conversations. Many users give opinions about certain topics from time to time. However, these opinions can cause controversies sometimes and make the platform unbearable. Some tweeps would prefer staying away for a while. Other people may take the drastic decision to delete all tweets causing … Read more

Delete All My Tweets: Everything You Should Know

Photo of someone going through their Twitter feeds while relaxed on a table with a keyboard and mouse.

Old tweets could pose a problem if they resurface under unideal situations. So, it is sometimes wise to remove bizarre, embarrassing tweets and bad attempts to be funny. If you’ve made just a few tweets, you can remove them from your timeline one after the other. However, deleting your tweets this way could be futile … Read more