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How Much Is Twitter Blue? An Up-to-Date Pricing Guide

Twitter Blue, now X Premium, is a subscription service from Twitter, aka X, that transforms your experience on this platform. The social media giant relaunched this service under Elon Musk’s leadership in December 2022. You want to try this subscription, as it offers access to several features. Due to this reason, you’d like to know … Read more

Twitter Media Studio: Access and Manage Your Multimedia on X

You’ll keep hearing about Twitter Media Studio during your journey to learn as much as possible about this platform. As you’re unsure what it is, you decide to look it up and end up here. This in-depth explainer gives you all the information about this incredible tool and its features. What Is Twitter Media Studio? … Read more

Twitter Shadowban Test: How To Check Your Account’s Status

Do you have this feeling that no one on Twitter, now X, can see your tweets or direct messages (DMs)? The view counts on your posts never change, even when you tag other users. Your friends tell you they don’t know you. DMed them until they look at their Messages page. If this describes your … Read more

Twitter Search Without Account: Try These 5 Hacks That Work

Until June 30, 2023, anyone could use Twitter’s search tool without an account. This helped people follow what’s trending on Twitter, aka X, and find posts from other users. However, this changed on July 1, 2023, after X introduced new rules preventing you from using Twitter search without account. How do you look for tweets … Read more

Social Media Monitoring Tools: Unveiling People’s Real Views

How do you track people’s opinions about your brand on various social media platforms? You need to monitor all discussions that mention you, but you also need to follow those that don’t tag you. After collecting the data, you must manually set up various reports to understand the social media conversations. It is time-consuming, and … Read more

How To Clear Twitter Cache: Speed Up X and Fix Random Issues

Twitter caches are temporary files the platform stores on your device to improve performance and decrease load times. The cache size increases every time you use this social media platform. Over time, it becomes bloated, which causes the platform to slow down or cause random issues. This is why you need to learn how to … Read more

How To Delete Replies on Twitter: Remove Unwanted Comments

Getting notifications for replies on your Twitter, now X, posts are exciting. Replies indicate people read your content and took the time to comment after your posts appeared in their timelines. However, the comments section can also contain irrelevant replies, spam, or worse, responses from online trolls. How to delete replies on Twitter to preserve … Read more

Delete Twitter Likes: A Guide To Remove Your Likes in Bulk

If you’re already here, it means you’re aware that what you like on Twitter is visible on your profile page. Or, you heard about a celebrity engaging with content that is not suitable for work (NSFW). As a result, this made you wonder what’s on your account. Your likes can indicate who you are, what … Read more

How To Delete a Repost on X: Cleaning Your Twitter Profile

Twitter’s retweet feature debuted in 2009 after observing its users using creative techniques to raise awareness for specific posts. The retweet, now repost, utility allows you to share your favorite posts with your followers on X, formerly Twitter. Sometimes, you may want to remove specific reposts when cleaning your Twitter profile page. Today’s guide explains … Read more

How To Tweet on Twitter: A Beginner’s Handbook to X

Twitter, formerly X, can feel confusing to a new user, as a lot is happening on this social media platform. Everything looks unfamiliar, and you don’t know what to do. One of the things you should do is post your first tweet. This guide shows you how to tweet on Twitter and introduce yourself to … Read more

What Is a Digital Detox? Unplugging From the Virtual World

According to Statista, 50% of people in the U.S. spend most of their day in front of screens. While there’s a lot you can do nowadays with technology, it has its fair share of downsides. For instance, spending too much time online significantly affects your quality of life. As you look for ways to reduce … Read more

Check Fake Twitter Followers: Identify Bots on X Quickly

Every social media platform, including X, formerly Twitter, has its fair share of fake users. These accounts will inevitably end up in your follower list, especially when you have a public profile. How do you check fake Twitter followers? More importantly, is allowing them to be a part of your follower count a good idea? … Read more

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