Twitter Memes: The Secrets of Going Viral Explained

If there is one form of content to define the Internet age, Twitter memes take the top spot. Coupled with the character limit, you get a glimpse of why they do so well on the platform. Although they seem simplistic, they’re hard to master when the aim is to be viral. Today, let’s jump into … Read more

Twitter Viewer: Why You Don’t Need To Login To Use Twitter

Whether you want the latest updates or to connect with public figures, Twitter is the perfect platform. The simplistic design and 280-character limit makes it easy to consume content. As a Twitter viewer, you won’t spend too much time on every post.  Although the content is accessible, can you still use the platform if you … Read more

Exceeded Tweet Limit: Get Out of Twitter Jail for Free

What makes Twitter great is the ease with which you can post tweets. Whether on your laptop or smartphone, sharing your thoughts takes a few minutes. However, if you post too frequently within 24 hours, you’ll receive an exceeded tweet limit message. Why are you seeing this warning on Twitter? Can you still post updates, … Read more

Hide Twitter View Count – How Can You Turn This Feature Off?

In December 2022, Twitter introduced a new feature known as view count to all its users. Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, wanted to show that the platform is alive. However, if you don’t like this feature, you’ll want to hide Twitter view count. After all, why should everyone see your tweet’s metrics, especially if … Read more

Twitter Trends – 3 Secrets To Start Trending on Twitter

Twitter trends give you insight into what the internet is discussing at any time. The platform makes staying up-to-date with what’s happening worldwide easy. These trends are helpful whether you want to join the conversation or boost engagement. As a Twitter user, there’s much to learn from what’s hot on social media. By the end, … Read more

Twitter Headers: Get More Followers With This Guide

With 556 million active users every month, Twitter is a great platform to improve your reach. It has the potential to get you thousands of views and new followers. You can get incredible engagement from this social media platform with effort and strategy. However, you won’t get the desired results if you don’t focus on … Read more

How To Remove Padlock on Twitter and Boost Tweet Impressions

Online privacy is essential as information about any person is easily accessible. Twitter understands the importance of this topic, which is why it offers several privacy-focused features. One is the ability to protect your tweets. However, if you use this feature, you’ll notice a lock icon next to your name. As it looks worrying, you … Read more

How To Undo a Retweet and Remove It From Twitter Forever

Did you know 97% of the tweets on Twitter are from 25% of the users? It also explains why retweeting is popular on this platform. When done correctly, you can leverage it to increase your follower count. It brings your old tweets to life and allows you to add to the conversation. But what if … Read more

Am I Shadowbanned Twitter? 3 Quick Solutions To Fix It

Am I shadowbanned on Twitter? – this is a question you don’t want to ask. It’s understandable, as you don’t want to feel like you’re tweeting into the void. As you notice a recent drop in engagement, you wonder if shadow bans have anything to do with it. You may have several questions about Twitter’s … Read more

Twitter Mass Unfollow Extension: Remove 1000s With One Click

Twitter is a great platform to receive the latest updates on what’s happening worldwide. The social media network makes it easy to find what’s trending, irrespective of your niche. Although the platform is user-friendly, it makes unfollowing users a chore. An easier method is to use a Twitter mass unfollow extension.  As there are several … Read more

How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter Explained

Twitter makes it easy to share all kinds of media on the platform. However, when viewing certain content, you see a warning. It informs you the media may have sensitive content. Along with this message, there’s an eye with a diagonal line. You can only see the content after interacting with it. As you keep … Read more

How Many Characters in a Tweet: Do Spaces and Emojis Count?

Knowing how many characters in a tweet makes it easy to plan your posts. How often did you hit backspace to ensure it doesn’t cross the character limit? You spend more time making edits instead of expressing yourself clearly. Although these limitations force you to check the character count, it does help with your creativity. … Read more

Twitter Won’t Work on Chrome: How to Troubleshoot

Chrome is reportedly one of the most used web browsers today. Its popularity is due to efficiency, ease of use and internet speed. Even on interactive sites like Twitter Web, which requires huge data transfer, Chrome maintains its high efficiency. Sometimes, however, Twitter won’t work on Chrome. Other times, you may be unable to access … Read more

How To Hide Liked Tweets: The Complete Guide

Scrolling through their Twitter feeds, you hit the like button on posts that tickle your fancy. While you may think it ends there, Twitter saves all your liked tweets. Unfortunately, everyone can see these liked posts on your profile. This means that your interactions on the platform are public unless you choose to lock your … Read more

Can People See What You Like on TWITTER? In-depth Exposé

Many social media users would like to be more thrilled about publicizing all their interactions. However, the design of most of these platforms allows other users access to certain information regarding the interactions of others. Even on Twitter, these concerns exist. For instance, questions like “Can people see what you like on Twitter?” Anyone can … Read more

How To Delete Someone Else’s Tweet: Dealing With Offense

Unfortunately, a lot of Twitter users send out abusive tweets every day. Many tweets may need to be revised with you as you go through your Twitter feeds. Other times, some tweets may not align with your ideas. This is commonplace because Twitter contains users from different backgrounds who also have different ideologies. For this … Read more

Twitter Likes Disappear: How To Conceal and Erase Your Likes

When Twitter likes disappear from your feed, your timeline does not reflect a numerical change. Thus, you can keep searching for a tweet on your feed to find it. While you cannot recover deleted likes, it can help to know why Twitter likes disappear. Then you can better prevent their occurrence. Also, when your account … Read more

Most Liked Tweets: Which Tweets Have Blown up the Most?

Different tweets trigger different reactions from the Twitter community. So, while other tweets enjoy widespread acceptance, others draw hurricanes of backlash. In most instances, the number of likes on a tweet describes its overall reception to a certain degree. Although some of the most liked tweets have been controversial, most are widely accepted. These span … Read more

How to Mass Delete Tweets: All the Tools You Need

Deleting multiple tweets at once could be pretty challenging for many Twitter users. Users may try to delete many tweets from their profiles to create a clean slate on the platform. Others may decide to rid their timelines of inappropriate or unneeded tweets. So, there have been questions about how to mass delete tweets. Well, … Read more

How To Delete TWITTER: A Comprehensive Guide

Twitter’s popularity has continued to grow over the years. However, many users continue exiting the platform for several reasons, including the recent takeover. On the other hand, other users have sought to take a temporary break from the platform. These scenarios have raised the question of how to delete Twitter accounts. Many users consider this … Read more

Delete All My Tweets: Everything You Should Know

Old tweets could pose a problem if they resurface under unideal situations. So, it is sometimes wise to remove bizarre, embarrassing tweets and bad attempts to be funny. If you’ve made just a few tweets, you can remove them from your timeline one after the other. However, deleting your tweets this way could be futile … Read more

Delete All Tweets Apps: Tools That Ease Tweet Deletion

Imagine you have thousands of tweets on your Twitter profile and want to delete them all. Can you visit your timeline and delete them one after the other? Of course, that is possible, but it will take considerable time and wear you out eventually. For this reason, many Twitter users look for apps to delete … Read more

How To Delete a TWEET: The Entire Process

While some tweets do not get the reception we anticipate, others no longer indicate our opinions. Either way, Twitter users delete many tweets all the time. Unfortunately, many users are still unsure about how to delete a tweet. While this may seem basic, other users still find it tricky. In some instances, deleting tweets involves … Read more

Bulk Delete Past Tweets

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