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How To Delete Twitter Cookies: Make X’s App Faster

Twitter cookies are tiny files on your device that X uses to improve your experience on the platform. However, these files can become corrupt, causing random issues to flare up when you use X. In situations like this, learning how to delete Twitter cookies can solve most problems. Today’s discussion is on how to find … Read more

How To Delete All Mentions on Twitter: Unwanted Tag Removal

Is your notifications tab on Twitter, now X, full of mentions from random users? Are people mistakenly tagging you in posts as you have a username similar to a popular figure? In situations like this, knowing how to delete all mentions on Twitter can be a lifesaver.  Today’s guide explains how to remove yourself from … Read more

Google Analytics for Twitter: Track Your Followers Outside X

X Analytics is an excellent tool for tracking your posts’ performance on X, formerly Twitter. However, it doesn’t provide any metrics once the user leaves the social media platform. So, how do you know if the links you share in your profile or posts work? Or are you converting your followers on X into customers? … Read more

Twitter Follower Demographics: Decode Your Target Audience

Your followers are the ones who give your posts the initial engagement spike on social media platforms like X. Twitter’s algorithm uses this as one of the many signals to recommend your content to others. Understanding your followers is essential, especially when you want to become a household name on X. You can get to … Read more

Best Twitter Threads: The Art of Creating Viral Posts on X

If you have much to say about any topic, staying within Twitter, now X’s character limits is difficult. Without X Premium, condensing your ideas, concepts, and opinions to such a degree seems downright impossible. However, users and third-party developers figured out a simple workaround over a decade ago. The solution? Create the best Twitter threads, … Read more

Twitter Benchmarking: The Key To Improve Your Strategy on X

How will you know if your content is performing well on Twitter, now X? You can look at engagement metrics to get an idea. But they are only figures as they don’t tell the whole story. You know if it’s good or if there’s room for improvement when comparing these numbers against other accounts’ metrics. … Read more

Who Has the Most Followers on Twitter: X’s Newest Leader

To become big on X, aka Twitter, you need to see what other accounts with large follower counts are doing. After all, getting millions of users to follow your profile (like Ellen Degeneres) is not an easy feat. Analyzing the account of who has the most followers on Twitter can give you deep insights. For … Read more

Twitter Sentiment Analysis Tool: Track Your Audience’s Views

Social platforms like X are among the best places to learn what people think about you. After all, users aren’t shy about sharing their opinions on this network. However, collecting and analyzing this information is no easy feat, given the sheer volume of posts. You need the assistance of a Twitter sentiment analysis tool. This … Read more

How To Follow Topics on Twitter: 3 Ways To Improve Your Feed

Introduced on November 11, 2019, Twitter topics help discover new content from other users. When you create an account, you first come across this term on Twitter, now X. Before the platform significantly changed, you could view and add more to this list from the quick navigation panel. As this option no longer exists in … Read more

Who Has Blocked Me on Twitter: 6 Easy Ways To Find Out

Do you have this nagging feeling that someone blocked you on X but can’t shake it no matter what? As you also use the block feature regularly, you figure you have to be on another user’s blocklist. Is there an in-built or third-party tool that can answer your question — who has blocked me on … Read more

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