What’s Trending on Twitter: Energize Your Profile’s Growth

As per Ahrefs database, Twitter, now X, received more than 1 billion organic visits in 2023. When you want to know what’s going on at any location, at any given time, you come to X. In short, it’s only a matter of time before what’s trending on Twitter appears in the news. But where do … Read more

Download Twitter Video: How To Save Your Favorite Content?

There’s always that one video on X you want to show your friends but can’t seem to find. You even tried using advanced search, but it’s like the media doesn’t exist. Either you’re not using the right keywords and phrases, or the creator deleted the tweet with the video. The good news is you won’t … Read more

Twitter Reverse Image Search: How To Find Photos in Seconds?

A person using Google Images to perform a reverse search.

How To Make Twitter Likes Private: An Online Privacy Guide

Have you wondered why high-profile users like Justin Beiber are no longer active on X? One of the reasons is that their actions on Twitter can attract unwanted attention and damage their careers. Harry Styles and Samuel L. Jackson experienced this first hand, as they went viral for liking sensitive content on X. Although likes … Read more

Twitter History Search: 5 Proven Methods To Find Any Tweet

Twitter, now X, records all your activities. From your first tweet to your latest like, everything in between is visible on this platform. As a result, it’s possible to do a Twitter history search for your account and other users. However, if you use the default search settings, you won’t get the results you’re looking … Read more

TweetDeck Alternative: 6 Better Tools To Manage Your Account

TweetDeck is a powerful tool to manage your Twitter accounts. It offers advanced search, scheduling posts, and the ability to view multiple feeds in real time. Although it was free to use, this is no longer true under the new ownership. Now, you need to be an X Premium subscriber to access it. If you … Read more

Twitter Competitors: Which Platform Will Dethrone X?

If you use Twitter, now X, it often feels like the platform’s existence is on a knife’s edge. Several users don’t like the changes introduced by the new leadership. Also, it feels like the social media network is heading in the wrong direction. For instance, X is experimenting with charging new users who join the … Read more

Twitter Name Change: Personalize Your Profile for Engagement

A Twitter name change is one of the many ways to spruce up your profile. It is one of the first things people see when your posts appear in their feeds. First impressions make a significant difference, so you want to start on the right foot. You need to enter your display name while creating … Read more

Twitter Card Validator: A Tool To Increase Website Traffic

When you share a link on a messaging app or social media platform, you’ll notice it generates a card. This gives you a snapshot of what is on the other side of the URL. Twitter, now X, also shows you a card when you include a link in your tweet. If you’re linking back to … Read more

Free Twitter Likes: Can This Tactic Boost Engagement?

Twitter’s algorithm factors the number of likes tweets get to determine what to show in a user’s feed. This is one of the many reasons creators focus on engagement, as it helps increase their reach. If you’re new to Twitter, how can you get more likes, especially when you don’t have a large follower count? … Read more

How To Clear Twitter Data: Protect Your Online Privacy

Twitter, now X, stores your data, whether you use the social media platform on the official mobile app or browser. Cache is a common type of temporary storage containing information about accounts, images, GIFs, videos, and other forms of data. The purpose of storing this data in cache is to make it easier for the … Read more

Search Somebody’s Tweets: Find Any Post in Under 5 Minutes

Twitter, now X, allows you to search somebody’s tweets on the social media platform. However, if you use the basic search feature, it shows you all the posts. What if you’re looking for something specific? Well, one option is to visit the user’s profile and scroll through their timeline. But, this will only show 3,200 … Read more

How To Search Dates on Twitter: Find Old Posts From Any User

Twitter has a powerful search engine like Google Search to help you find tweets from users with public accounts. One quality-of-life improvement is the plethora of available filters to help narrow your search. For instance, you can look for posts if you have a vague idea of when they appeared in your timeline. However, the … Read more

Old Tweet Finder: 6 Secrets To View Any Post From All Users

Sometimes, you just want to look at all your old tweets for nostalgia. Or, you’re a social media marketer wanting to learn about your competition by analyzing their old posts. Sure, you can scroll through the timeline to find the older tweets. However, X doesn’t show more than 3,200 of your latest posts. So, how … Read more

How To Change Twitter Handle: Rebrand Your Digital Identity

Your X username or Twitter handle is a part of your identity on the social media platform. It is one of the first things people see in your post. A good username can make people curious to check out your profile. On the other hand, a bad one can drive users away from your account. … Read more

Twitter NSFW: Viewing Sensitive Content on X

People from all aspects of life and of different ages are on Twitter, now X, platform. Therefore, everyone has different interests and preferences for what they want to see. Many users consider Twitter NSFW content entertaining or educational. So, it isn’t strange that they want their timeline and feed to be a campground for this … Read more

Twitter Search Settings: Choosing Your Search Preferences

There is so much information on X, formerly Twitter, and only a handful appear on your timeline. However, Twitter does not restrict your information access to what appears on your timeline. You can find and view almost anything posted in this space, especially using the inline and advanced search features. However, you may want to … Read more

How To Delete Twitter Account: A No-Frills Guide

Sometimes, you just want to take a break from Twitter, now X. Scrolling through hundreds of posts is a great way to get the latest updates. However, you spend hours going through countless tweets (now posts). Or, it feels overwhelming as your feed is full of content you no longer resonate with. In either case, … Read more

Business Marketing: Amplify Your Reach With Social Media

Business marketing is as essential as any other part of your brand’s operations. It is the driving force that raises brand awareness among your audience. As the market is extremely competitive, coupled with short attention spans, it becomes all the more important to stand out. When done correctly, it can help your business in all … Read more

Digital Footprints: How Your Data on X Can Change Your Life?

When you search for something online, you tend to start seeing ads for the same on various websites. No matter where you go in the online world, it seems to follow you around. This is a simple example of what is possible with your digital footprints. As this is the first time you’re coming across … Read more

Twitter Safe Search: How To Find Sensitive Content on X?

With Twitter’s search utility, you can find anything on the platform. You can look for specific posts (formerly tweets) from any account and track conversations worldwide. However, Twitter safe search filters out certain content from the search results by default. Usually, you won’t find sensitive content and accounts you block or mute. This is because … Read more

How To Quote Tweet in a Reply To Increase Engagement?

Joining conversations on X is an excellent way to get more attention to your account. If you add to the conversation meaningfully, other users will visit your Twitter profile. In short, it can help you increase your follower count. Sometimes, when you want to participate in a conversation, you want to quote a relevant post … Read more

What Is Twitter API? All the Details About This Interface

Twitter’s application programming interface, called its API, is simply a link between the social platform and other programs. It allows developers to read and write data on the social media platform. By providing access to its API, X, formerly Twitter, allows others to create software that integrates with the platform. But because the application programming … Read more

Browse Twitter Without an Account: Easy Access Outside X

While they may need to browse X, formerly called Twitter, some users do not fancy creating accounts on the platform. This could be to protect their personal information or to avoid leaving trails of activity behind. Whatever the reason, users often ask if they can browse Twitter without an account. Initially, the social media platform … Read more

How To Go Private on Twitter To Protect Your Online Privacy?

Going viral for the wrong reasons can significantly impact your personal life. The backlash can affect your job opportunities and change people’s perceptions about you. So, you want to ensure only people you know or trust can view your content on Twitter, now X. Or, you prioritize privacy over everything else and want control over … Read more

Twitter Video Search: Finding Videos on the X Platform

Reports show that Twitter, now X users, post millions of videos and watch billions daily on the platform. If you’re among those who enjoy X videos, you’ll admit they are informative and entertaining. However, with so many videos on the platform, it can be hard to track your favorites. Maybe you watched a video and … Read more

Twitter Verification: Keep Your Profile Safe With This Guide

Gone are the days of meeting the active, authentic and notable requirements to be eligible for the iconic blue tick. In its stead is X Premium or Twitter Blue, the social media platform’s latest user verification method. Initially, Twitter Blue was a subscription service offering exclusive features to its members. After Elon Musk’s takeover, it … Read more

How To Change Twitter Settings for Your Content and Privacy

Twitter, now X, boasts an exciting and user-friendly interface on the mobile app and the web version. More than other social media platforms, you can personalize your X account settings to enhance privacy and influence visible content. After learning how to change Twitter settings, you can easily personalize your account in appearance and functionality. There … Read more

Twitter Ads: All-In-One Guide To Transform Your Reach

Twitter ads are cost-effective solutions to reach your target audience. X, formerly Twitter, may have a lower user count than other social media networks. According to Twitter, this platform’s return on investment (ROI) for every dollar you spend is close to 40%. If you want to market on this platform but don’t know its advertising … Read more

How To Protect Your Tweets: Barring Intruders on X

Twitter is a popular social media platform where users air their views through tweets. These tweets could contain text, images, videos, and even gifs. You may be wondering about who can see your tweets on the platform. Interestingly, everyone can. By everyone, I mean your followers, followings, and even non-followers. While some people like the … Read more

Download Tweets: How To Save All Posts From Any Account?

Knowing how to download tweets (posts) is a great way to preserve your Twitter, now X, history. Or, if you’re a brand or a social media marketer, you can view all your competitors’ tweets in one place. This helps you analyze your competition to get deeper insight into their content strategy. You need to go … Read more

Cursed Tweets: The Cringe-Worthy but Hilarious Posts on X

Have you ever read something and went, “Uh oh, what did I just read?” Well, that’s cursed. Cursed tweets refer to strange, weird, disturbing, and startling posts. Some are downright scary and seem so dark. But some are funny, so you’ll have a good laugh after your initial shock. If you’ve ever read a cursed … Read more

Twitter DMs: A Ticket to Having Private Conversations

Apart from mentions in public tweets on Twitter, aka X, conversations can take a more private turn. Twitter DMs are an effective solution to keeping those messages away from the public. However, the recent development in its features makes it challenging to understand how it works. These changes may limit anyone looking to converse properly … Read more

Twitter Circles: How To Control Who Can See Your Tweets?

Are you aware of a feature on Twitter that makes certain tweets you post nonpublic without a private account? This feature is Twitter Circles. It was in the testing phase in May 2022 and was available to everyone in August 2022. Unfortunately, after October 31, 2023, this utility will no longer work, as the platform … Read more

Real Twitter Followers: Gaining an Authentic Audience on X

The quantity and quality of followers are important metrics on social media. This assertion is true on almost all social media platforms, including X, formerly called Twitter. While many users insist on cutting corners to obtain huge audiences on the platform, these tactics often have downsides. For instance, getting useful followers may be a hassle. … Read more

Twitter Engagement Rate: How To Gauge Social Influences

Everyone uses the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, for different reasons. But the ultimate goal is to grow a solid social network. Every move and action on your account impacts its followers’ growth. This growth then influences the engagement of your posts. For a brand looking to grow, this can affect your social presence … Read more

Fake Twitter Accounts:  Exploring the Phenomenon

Not all that meets the eye on Twitter is true these days. Though millions of real people create accounts to mingle, network, and interact, several false accounts exist on the platform. People create these fake Twitter accounts for malicious and deceptive purposes. Sometimes, they serve as instruments of cyberbullying, political manipulation, spam attacks, and false … Read more

Delete Tweets in Bulk: Clearing Posts From Your Profile on X

Generally, X or Twitter’s ease of usage allows users to share posts and thoughts efficiently. While this feature is the platform’s selling strength, it could also be disadvantageous. People can easily share stray thoughts and unwholesome posts without a second thought. While such tweets could accumulate on the timeline over time, X only permits the … Read more

Twitter Following List: What Exactly Does It Entail?

Twitter has a unique functionality that’s different from that of other social media platforms. Though they all share one primary purpose, networking, they employ various means to reach the end. Unlike platforms where individuals send friend requests, Twitter users follow themselves. However, the following may not be mutual. So, a Twitter following list contains information … Read more

Twitter Target Audience: How To Reach Your Customers on X

Twitter, now X, boasts an overwhelming user base comprising several demographics. Many young, middle-aged and older people are on this social platform with several interest groups. So, if you’re running an X campaign, your success depends on reaching the Twitter target audience and their response. Unfortunately, some users do not know how to discern their … Read more

How To Delete Twitter Search History: 5-Minute Guide

With Twitter’s search feature, you can find anything and everything on the platform. It helps you find tweets, hashtags, replies, users, photos and videos. You can filter the results using date ranges, engagement metrics, and language. When you search for anything on the platform, it saves your search. The main reason is to make hopping … Read more

How To Make Your Twitter Private: Hiding Your Posts on X

Have you ever wondered what makes Twitter, now X, different from other social media networks? Many believe that it is the amount of freedom the X platform affords its users. You can view a user profile on X and engage their posts without following them. Additionally, you can follow anyone on Twitter without their permission. … Read more

How To Recover Twitter Account Without Username: Quick Guide

It’s pretty easy to forget your login details, given how many websites ask you to create an account. You’ll only realize you don’t remember your digital credentials when you have to sign in again. What if this happens to your X, formerly Twitter, account, where you don’t remember your username or password? If you can’t … Read more

Twitter Bots: The Activities of Automated Accounts

X, formally known as Twitter, has millions of users with different intentions. Like other social media platforms, some accounts are more persistent than others. It is normal to feel odd about tweets from a particular account if they seem abnormal. Your feelings might be right because there are X or Twitter bots on the platform. … Read more

Can You Archive Tweets? How To Hide and Preserve Tweets on X

If you’re a veteran tweep, you’ll know that your timeline only holds your most recent 3200 tweets. You may also know that Twitter, now X, automatically archives older tweets beyond this limit. However, concerns about data safety have prompted some users to ask, “Can you archive tweets yourself?” Others show interest in this query, searching … Read more

Cancel Twitter: The Guide to Activating Ghost Mode

The 280-character microblogging social media platform is like a beehive of activities. Millions of active users post 6000 tweets every second. If you’re looking for entertainment and information, the statistics are good but can quickly become tiring. So, if you find the rushing current of tweets overbearing, you should cancel Twitter and take a breather. … Read more

Temporarily Disable Twitter: How To Take a Willful Break

Social media platforms are quite overwhelming nowadays. X, formally known as Twitter, is popular for daily controversies and pressure on the platform. Many users tend to have a love-hate relationship with the social media platform. Quite a handful of people seek active ways to disable Twitter for their mental health temporarily. However, there are certain … Read more

How To Promote a Tweet: Expanding Visibility and Reach on X

The ultimate goal of posting on Twitter, now X, is to have a broad reach and corresponding engagement. When achieved, this goal helps build engaging Twitter communities and drive lead conversions for businesses. However, many factors influence your tweet impressions and reach, including your followers and engagement volume. Nevertheless, you can boost your tweet impressions, … Read more

Twitter Two-Factor Authentication: Keep Your Account Secure

According to Statista, more than 422 million people were victims of data breaches. In a world focusing on going digital, protecting your online accounts has become all the more important. This is especially true for social media profiles, as bad actors can cause significant damage to your reputation. They can pretend to be you, share … Read more

Twitter Bookmarks: How To Save Posts for Later

At some point, you will have encountered interesting tweets you would like to view multiple times. At the same time, you might be too busy to engage your favorite tweets. Whatever the situation, X, formerly known as Twitter, provides a way to bookmark tweets for safekeeping. Now, you can keep and access content whenever you … Read more

Twitter Ads Manager: The Marketing Guide To Help You Start

Running advertisements on a social media platform that attracts 368 million active users monthly, according to Statista, is a no-brainer. When you combine it with your organic growth strategy, your account can truly reach for the stars. Twitter Ads Manager gives you all the knobs to control every aspect of your marketing campaign. However, to … Read more

Twitter Analytics: Tracking X Campaigns With Real-Time Data

To achieve any goal and objective on Twitter, now X, you must plan and execute an effective campaign. Such campaigns usually aim to increase your visibility, reach and engagements. Upon execution, it is good practice to monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments to ensure success. Many tweeps find Twitter analytics efficient for such monitoring … Read more

Find Old Twitter Posts: How To Locate Previous Tweets

Thousands of posts have entered and exited X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Sometimes, users can try locating old, interesting, or crucial posts. However, keeping tabs is quite challenging for an active user who posts multiple times. At the same time, the massive number of tweets can confuse someone else trying to browse them. … Read more

Do Hashtags Work on Twitter and Increase Tweet Visibility?

If you go back to the beginning of any social media platform, you’ll see how far these networks have come. Not only in design but also in ease of use and functionality. Did you know hashtags weren’t a thing on any social media platform? Other social media sites adopted it only after its meteoric rise … Read more

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter: ABCs of Generating Wealth

Social media is a powerful platform for affiliate marketing. These websites have hundreds of millions of users worldwide. It has tools to help you reach users most likely to become your customers. You can run marketing campaigns on these platforms on a shoestring budget. Also, they help you connect with users to form strong relationships. … Read more

Twitter Business Account: Building Your Online Brand on X

Twitter, now X, stands out as a multi-functional social media platform, a hub for information, entertainment and even business. Its overwhelming user base makes it an invaluable online marketing tool that guarantees a wider reach for your business. Although several factors contribute to a successful business campaign on Twitter, the foundation is creating a proper … Read more

 Advanced Twitter Search: Performing Highly-Specific Queries

X, formerly Twitter, contains millions of posts from its many users. The number keeps increasing daily, making keeping tabs on some content difficult. Nonetheless, the platform makes it easier for users to search for anything. An advanced Twitter search penetrates the database to locate any information the user wants. For a regular user, this feature … Read more

How To Stop Bots From Following You on Twitter: Safety 101

You know you are on the right path when there’s a steady increase in your follower count on Twitter. However, when you start examining your new random followers, you notice a pattern – several accounts look like bots. You don’t want them as your followers as they do not contribute to your account’s growth in … Read more

How To Boost a Tweet: Promoting Tweets for Marketing

Twitter is a highly active social media platform with a monthly user base of 368 million. Thus, it’s a sphere for interconnectedness where your tweets can reach millions if you play your cards right. Since 75% of B2B businesses use Twitter for marketing, you should know there’s a catch. Although whatever you tweet will mostly … Read more

Twitter Ghostwriter: What Does It Entail?

X, formerly called Twitter, is fast becoming the go-to platform for building and growing brands online. The reason for this is quite simple. The platform’s massive usage and soaring popularity among the purchasing class make it an ideal location for brand promotion. However, since some brand owners are too busy to compose and share posts … Read more

Can You Edit a Tweet After Posting? How To Get It Done

X, formerly Twitter, accepts its user’s opinions and ideas about any topic with limitations to sensitive ones. Anyone can put out an idea about anything for public reaction and engagement. However, everything on the platform isn’t as easy as it seems. Some tweets can be controversial. Also, tweet authors can change their minds about their … Read more

Twitter Export Following List: Accessing Follower Records

Twitter, or X, is a social media platform where millions of users around the globe connect by following each other. Information about Twitter followers and followings is useful for public figures and people who use Twitter for promotional purposes. An easy way to stay in the know is to request your Twitter export following list. … Read more

Twitter DMCA: Defending Your Copyright on Digital Content

Twitter, now X, is becoming increasingly competitive, especially for businesses and brands. Because of this, many are resorting to different tactics to outdo their competitors, even plagiarizing their works. However, you can protect your Twitter content by obtaining copyrights on them. After doing this, you can file a Twitter DMCA report against anyone plagiarizing your … Read more

Multiple Twitter Accounts: Creating Joint Profiles

No one can scrap out the probability of Twitter or X users wanting to own more than one account. The need for secondary accounts grows more intense with the rise of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals on the app. Thus, Twitter, now known as X Corp, introduced professional accounts. But logging out of an account before … Read more

Evergreen Tweet: Your Solution for a Sustainable X Campaign

Many activities and actions are important for a successful Twitter, now X campaign. However, the primary among these are your tweets. Your tweets are the first dominoes that elicit sequences of actions and responses in your campaign. Consequently, it is important to pay close attention to your tweets. An important factor to consider when considering … Read more

Why Was My Twitter Account Suspended? All Reasons Explained

Motivated by security concerns for X users and the platform, administrators use account suspension to enforce rule compliance. Therefore, it is not uncommon to hear about Twitter account suspensions, whether temporary or permanent. It is common to associate suspensions with users who fall out of line, but not when it happens to you. That may … Read more

How to Find Someone on Twitter by Phone Number Right Now

X, formally Twitter, allows people to connect by usernames and followings. Searching for usernames is the normal way to find anyone on the platform. However, millions of people are on the platform, and remembering usernames may be challenging. Thankfully, X or Twitter allows users to discover people through phone numbers. Therefore, learning how to find … Read more

Twitter Profile Pic Ideas: Ignite Your Online Persona

You are wrong if you think your tweets are everything you need to attract the right audience. Gaining followers and engagement for your brand goes beyond posts on X, formally known as Twitter. Getting people to become followers and engage with your content depends on your profile picture. However, none of this is possible without … Read more

How to Clear Twitter History: Deleting Records on X

Some aspects of your life are best kept in the closet to prevent snoopers from digging up dirt. The same applies to Twitter or X. If your login credentials fall into the wrong hands, your secret dealings may be let loose. So, you should be cautious enough to filter and delete your history on X … Read more

Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter: 5 Ways To Identify Unfollowers

As you focus on increasing your follower count, you’ll notice it tends to fluctuate. Sometimes, it is a small, almost unnoticeable drop. In other situations, it can be a significant decrease. So you ask yourself, “Who unfollowed me on Twitter?” Although the change in Twitter’s application protocol interface (API) pricing affected several apps, some tools … Read more

Are Twitter Bookmarks Public: How Private Is This X Feature?

X, formerly called Twitter, first rolled out the bookmarks feature in 2018. Like its name, this feature allows users to save posts for later access. This feature on the social media platform was quite revolutionary since users initially liked posts to save them. Users can now bookmark thousands of posts and come back to them … Read more

Twitter Account Suspension Rescue: Your Profile Revival Guide

Seeing a Twitter account suspension message after logging in can be worrying, especially if you’re a regular on the platform. The first thought is usually why this is happening, followed by how to fix it. Although it seems random, the platform usually has its reasons to hand out an account suspension. This post covers these … Read more

Can You Make Money on Twitter? How Possible Is Monetization?

While social media platforms have made communication easier, these platforms are fast adapting other features that reward creators. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook had first allowed creators to monetize their content. However, people wonder where X, formerly Twitter, stands regarding this. So, can you make money on Twitter? Previously, people only made money … Read more

Twitter Template: The Ultimate Solution to Creative Blocks

Creating attention-grabbing posts is essential to build a following and increase engagement. Given how quickly topics trend and lose steam, posting tweets consistently while maintaining quality is crucial. However, this is easier said than done, as you must post at least 2 – 3 posts daily. The time crunch and the pressure to deliver while … Read more

Who Follows Who on Twitter: Approach to Track Connections

X, formerly Twitter, connects people with common interests and allows anyone to follow each other. Getting followers and following people on the platform is the major way social networks grow. However, tracking an account’s followers lists becomes challenging as the connection grows. Nonetheless, there are various ways to monitor who follows who on Twitter, aka … Read more

Twitter Restrictions: Unveiling the Social Media Landscape

Twitter restrictions ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable to use its platform. The social media network understands everyone has different expectations and tolerances for various types of content. These restrictions improve user experience and make it harder for bad actors to engage in malicious activities. Also, they ensure the activities of 368 million monthly active … Read more

Twitter for Professionals: The Monetization Portal on X

There are various classes of people on social media today. Amongst these are entrepreneurs, workers, and business people. While Twitter, or X, is primarily for fun and entertainment, the platform is now a market full of opportunities. The possibility of closing lucrative deals on Twitter is high thanks to its large user base. So, to … Read more

Who To Follow on Twitter: Curating the Best Contacts on X

There is no limit to the number of accounts you can follow on Twitter, now called X. You only need to maintain a corresponding follower count to keep following more users. However, if you’re building a Twitter community, you cannot randomly add people to your following list. Instead, you must carefully determine who to follow … Read more

Spamming on Twitter Unveiled: A Comprehensive Analysis

Spam is prevalent on the internet, so you’ll find it anywhere you go in the digital world. Twitter, now X, like the rest of the internet, is in a constant battle to reduce spam on its platform. The social media network wants its users to connect with legitimate users. It also wants the conversations to … Read more

Twitter Algorithm: Mastering the Metrics of Ranking

Have you ever wondered why some posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, trend while others don’t? Besides the high engagement these posts garner, there must be another factor. If these popular tweets weren’t at the forefront of people’s timelines, they wouldn’t get so much interaction. Well, tweets rank because of the Twitter algorithm. Though … Read more

Inactive Twitter Accounts: How To Find and Remove Them?

Do you remember the last time you logged into a Myspace or Orkut account? These platforms were popular and thriving during the early 2000s. However, users jumped ship with the introduction of other social media networks. Twitter has 368 million users who are active every month. With the introduction of Threads, users may do the … Read more

Twitter Trending Hashtags: Maximizing Impact of Your Labels

Beyond fun and entertainment, Twitter, now X, is invaluable for keeping abreast of current events and information. However, there is so much information from many regions to get you swamped and lost at sea on X. Fortunately, Twitter provides a curative tool to help classify information in the media space for easy access—hashtags. Additionally, you … Read more

Twitter Code 467: Its Origin, Causes, and More

Since the new ownership took over Twitter, now X, in October 2022, it has implemented several drastic changes. While most of these changes have created the desired results, others have triggered mostly short-term irregularities. For example, many users met an error code while trying to browse Twitter, aka X, in March 2023. Twitter code 467 … Read more

How to Tag on Twitter: Featuring People in Your Posts on X

Twitter, now known as X, added the tagging feature to include people in posts. This amazing feature helps users to have better engagement. Many influencers and business owners tag people on their posts to reach a wider audience. The Tag feature makes it easy to inform everyone of the contents without listing their names. As … Read more

Twitter Automation: Streamline Operations and Save Time

If one social media platform benefits from automation, it’s Twitter or X. Sticking with your posting schedules and replying to multiple direct messages (DMs) takes time and effort. On top of that, you’ve to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and actively engage with other users. Add all this together, and you start to see … Read more

Social Listening Tools: Track Real-Time Twitter Discussions

Social listening tools have all the answers if you want to know what people say about you. These services can help you track online discussions and the current sentiment among users. Twitter, now X, is a great social media platform to deploy these tools, as you can learn from people. It helps you put yourself … Read more

Twitter Bot Checker: How To Weed Out Fake Followers

If you’ve been following the news about the Twitter, now X, acquisition, you’ll frequently hear the term ’bot accounts.’ In fact, Elon Musk also cited bot accounts as a reason to exit from the buyout deal. According to the billionaire’s estimates, 20% of the monetizable daily active active users (MDAU) are fake or spam accounts. … Read more

How To Mute Words on Twitter: Filtering Your X Timeline

With billions of tweets daily published on X, formerly Twitter, it is increasingly difficult to control what you consume. You can try scrutinizing your contacts and lists, but the algorithm requires more to determine your Twitter feed. Even if you enjoy a wholesome timeline, you never know when something inappropriate may pop up, especially if … Read more

AI Tweet Generator: How To Create Quality Posts in Minutes?

Twitter, now X, is popular because of how fast you can consume content. This means your posts come with a short lifespan. Hootsuite recommends at least 2 – 3 tweets or posts daily if you want to appear in other users’ timelines. Although this schedule is manageable in the short run, it becomes overwhelming over … Read more

How To Get Popular on Twitter: 8 Keys To Get More Followers

Twitter is a great social media network to start building a following. Whether you’re a professional, brand or anyone else, this platform has all the features and tools to help you grow. The focus on short-form content, along with the fast-paced nature of Twitter, makes it seem easy to go viral. However, it’s not as … Read more

Twitter Sensitive Content Warning: What Is Its Purpose?

X, formerly known as Twitter, sometimes brings up a sensitive content warning on certain posts. Many users have seen this notification more than once. However, only a few understand the meaning of the Twitter-sensitive content warnings on X. For these people, this notification hinders having the full social media experience. As disturbing as this notification … Read more

Best Time to Post on Twitter: Ideal Publishing Periods on X

Recent statistics show that users share over half a billion posts daily on X, formerly Twitter. Due to this large volume of posts, reaching your intended audience is becoming increasingly difficult. Going through the noise and getting to your audience to maximize visibility and relevance has gotten tricky. However, several strategies help optimize your post … Read more

How To Change Age on Twitter: Why Your Birthdate Matters?

Are you seeing tweets, now posts, with a warning message about age-restricted content? Do you want to change your sensitive media settings but can’t do it? Do you plan to join Twitter’s, now X’s, Ad Revenue Sharing program? If it’s a yes to any of these questions, you need to know one thing—how to change … Read more

What to Post on Twitter: Great Post Ideas for Your X Profile

Twitter, now known as X, hosts many different discussions and conversations. Discussions on current issues, politics, entertainment, sports, and many others occur on the platform. Despite this, some users, especially newbies, are sometimes short of what to post on Twitter, also known as X. While this could be a valid concern for others, the tweets … Read more

Twitter Subscription: Purchasing the Premium Features on X

Have you come across the premium Twitter subscription on the social media platform X? There are chances that you may have heard of it. But even so, do you understand what it entails? We all know X to be a free platform anyone above the age restriction policy can access. The only major criterion for … Read more

Tag Twitter: How To Build Connections Through Mentions?

The tag feature is handy for getting a thought leader, industry expert or brand’s attention. It is a great way to engage with people, inviting them to interact with your content. When you mention a user in your post (aka tweet) or photo, they will get a notification. As people scroll through hundreds of tweets … Read more

Twitter Polls: How To Gain Insights and Engage With Users?

Regularly engaging with your followers is essential to reach thousands or millions of Twitter users organically. It helps you build stronger connections with people on the platform, now called X. You get clarity on what resonates with your target audience. It is also one of the many metrics this social media network’s algorithm uses to … Read more

How to Unfollow Everyone on Twitter: Clearing Your Feed

Twitter, now known as X, is an exciting and attractive platform: or was an exciting media platform for many users. However, with the managerial changes followed by the name and policy changes, many no longer recognize their favorite platform. Multiple users have claimed that once effective Twitter campaign strategies no longer work for brands and … Read more

How to DM on Twitter: A Guide To Start Conversations

Although discussions on Twitter, now X, tend to be public, there are ways to keep conversations private on the platform. One option is to use the direct message (DM) feature available to all social media users. Knowing how to DM on Twitter can help connect with different users and keep the conversation going. Given the … Read more

How To Use Twitter Effectively: Maximizing the X Platform

Despite the name and managerial changes, X, previously known as Twitter, remains an invaluable network for business and brand promotion. As a leading network among social media channels, X helps attract large audiences and customers to your brand and business. When it comes to functionality, very little has changed. Your success in this space still … Read more

Search Old Tweets: Locate Posts With Handy Resources

The Twitter platform, whose name recently changed to X, used to have fewer users than today. With the increase of people also came the increase in tweets and replies. Many people have gathered more followers and have shared more content than before. Over time, it has become increasingly difficult to navigate old posts. Nonetheless, various … Read more

Unfollow Twitter User: How to Unsubscribe to a User’s Tweet

Following a user on X, aka Twitter, simply means subscribing to the user’s tweets. This feature expresses and grants your decision to continue seeing a user’s tweets and activities. However, when you’re no longer interested in that account, you can toggle the switch to unfollow the user. When you unfollow Twitter users, it doesn’t block … Read more

How to Back Up Twitter: The Ideal Way To Preserve Your Data

Your activities on X, previously called Twitter, are like an active record you’d not like to lose. However, you never know when you will violate Twitter’s numerous policies leading to a ban and loss of these data. Moreover, you may dislike Twitter’s new managerial shake-ups and wish to quit Twitter. In this case, you’d benefit … Read more

How To Save a Tweet aka Post: Safekeeping Interesting Posts

Tweets are the basic foundation of Twitter interaction and conversation. Videos, images, and text all form the elements of an interesting tweet, now known as posts. Coming across posts that contain all of this is normal on the platform. Sometimes, users may take time to view them and keep them for reference. Other times, they … Read more

Retweets on Twitter: Sharing Posts To Boost Your Engagement

Your timeline is the best tool for building your Twitter community. So you need to fill it with the most interesting and captivating content. However, you may not always have the best and most captivating content. Retweets help you share rich and appealing tweets in your niche to your audience without plagiarizing the original authors. … Read more

Block on Twitter: Guide To Banning Unwanted Content on X

Twitter, now known as X, allows unlimited interaction and followership among users. Anyone can decide to engage any content and user they find interesting. While some followers will influence positively, others will do the opposite. Over time, a user gains both the good and bad eggs as followers. However, the platform provides a direct option … Read more

How to Log Out of Twitter aka X: Exiting a Once Familiar App

Twitter, now called X, is a fun and exciting community, enjoying increasing numbers of members and features. So, you may find yourself spending considerable time on the space daily. You may consider this unacceptable if you only use the site for entertainment, not business. However, one way to reduce your usage of the platform is … Read more

Twitter to X: The Story Around Twitter’s Transition to X

Since Elon Musk’s takeover of the social media platform in October 2022, Twitter has undergone some dramatic changes. The company’s initial changes included the verification purchase program, monetization, and the reinstatement of previously banned users. At the time of the takeover, Musk placed the social media platform under a new parent company, X Corp. Most … Read more

How Is Twitter, aka X, Different From Other Social Networks?

Every social media platform aims at performing the single task of connecting people around the world. However, these different social networks possess varying features, tackling different angles of the connectivity problem. For instance, X, previously Twitter, a predominantly text-based platform, varies significantly from others like Facebook, Instagram, and its recent competitors, Bluesky, Mastodon, and Threads. … Read more

Download Twitter Archive: Saving a File of Your Twitter Data

Keeping backup copies of your Twitter data is the way to go, especially if you consider safeguarding your information. Despite the social media platform tightening its security features over time, there are still some risks of account loss. Also, it is crucial to save your data even when deleting your account. One of the most … Read more

Recover Deleted Tweets: Methods To Retrieve Lost Posts

Drafting and posting tweets about ideas and opinions is a relieving experience. Twitter users get to let other people see their world through their posts. Some of them are like a record of important moments. Unfortunately, losing these posts is painful because most people want to refer to them in the future. Thus, they may … Read more

View Deleted Tweets: All the Helpful Tools and Techniques

Whenever people delete their posts on Twitter, now known as X, these posts generate a lot of interest. Because of this, it is sometimes necessary to view deleted tweets. People look for ways to access removed tweets for various reasons. First, people track removed tweets to prove points or make arguments. Reviewing an old important … Read more

Remove Tweets: A Detailed Guide To Erasing Your Posts

Twitter, now known as X, is popular for allowing people to share their opinions and interests without restrictions. Most tweeps use the platform to engage their audience with original tweeted content. Some others go there to view content and retweet them. Whatever the purpose, everyone expects their tweets to gain massive reception. Unfortunately, this may … Read more

Delete Multiple Tweets: Helpful Tools and Techniques

Like any other user, you’re prone to making blunders when sharing tweets. These include occasional misrepresentations regarding specific topics or outrightly offensive tweets that may damage your brand. While these posts sometimes stay up without a fuss, they can always resurface. Tweets resurfacing is almost always not a good sign because some trigger waves of … Read more

How To Delete Retweets on Twitter: A Guide To Undo Reposts

Retweeting is an amazing way to let other people know about interesting opinions someone else shares. Like the share feature on other social media platforms, Twitter’s retweet feature allows users to post previous tweets. However, people may change their minds about certain shared posts and decide to erase them. Luckily, this is possible if users … Read more

How to Archive Twitter Posts: Saving Tweets for Posterity

Although most social media companies improve their security by the day, risks of account loss still exist. Apart from that, some users consider ways of taking down their accounts while retaining their posts and other information. Archiving their posts on the platform could be the most feasible alternative in cases like these. But the problem … Read more

Request Twitter Archive: Retrieving Your Records With Ease

According to Search Logistics, Twitter’s monthly user base consists of 7.2% of all Internet users. While some use the platform to keep up with the latest happenings, others post trending content. Regardless of what you use the app for, Twitter keeps a backup of every user’s activities. To access this record, you must request Twitter … Read more

How To Remove Followers on Twitter: Stop Unwanted Users

Having an audience in the Twitter space is nice. But all sorts of people exist on every social platform. Some users can make the platform uncomfortable for others. This is why it is essential to filter out your followers to discard unwanted accounts. There is no better way to do this than removing them. Hence, … Read more

What Is Happening to Twitter? All the Platform’s New Reforms

Twitter has experienced dramatic changes since Elon Musk took over in October 2022. The new ownership has implemented several drastic updates that have often come as surprises. For instance, the rollout of the Twitter Blue program met a lot of backlash but has succeeded quite greatly. Apart from that, several questions concern what is happening … Read more

Brand Reputation Management: Optimizing Public Perception

Have you ever wondered what keeps global public brands at the top? Well, it’s customer loyalty and public perception. How a brand resonates with its users and audience can either set it sailing or sinking. Visual and vocal perceptions of all brands also influence sales and sustainability. So, brand reputation management is one crucial aspect … Read more

Delete Twitter Archive: All the Tools You Need

Twitter is a social hub, and like all social spaces, you’re easily incited to keep talking, sometimes without restraint. You may have absentmindedly fired a post, comment, or reply on Twitter without thinking it through. Deleting the tweets is usually your first thought when you’re sober, but it’s often late upon realization. Users who delete … Read more

Find Deleted Tweets: A Guide To Recovering Cleared Posts

Most Twitter users go to the platform to give opinions about certain topics. However, typing and posting multiple tweets and losing them is heartbreaking. Nonetheless, it is common to accidentally or intentionally delete them for whatever reason. Irrespective of the reason, many tweeps try to find deleted tweets at some point. On the other hand, … Read more

Settings for Twitter: Adjustments for a Perfect Account

Creating a Twitter account allows users to experience a new dimension of fun and content. However, their experience on the platform depends entirely on their customized adjustments. There are several Twitter settings to serve this purpose. Tweaking a few buttons will eventually give every user their desired account. Many Tweeps use the Twitter space to … Read more

Active Twitter Followers: How To Obtain an Active Audience

To build a sustainable presence and renown on social media, having a good number of followers is one of the prerequisites. But sometimes, having many followers is not enough, especially when it does not translate to high engagement. This factor comes into play on most platforms, including Twitter. For this reason, focusing on gathering active … Read more

Twitter Followers: Who Are They and Why Are They Important?

It is common practice that when someone learns you’re on Twitter, they immediately request you follow them online. Others try to measure your success in the space by asking how many Twitter followers you have. Even on Twitter, you may receive a request from someone asking you to follow them and promising to follow you … Read more

Twitter Archive: Every Detail About Your Data

Like every social media platform, Twitter keeps an archive of every account. This archive contains information on old tweets, direct messages, retweets, media, and other content. It serves as a backup in case users need to reload their data. It is also useful for clearing unwanted data effortlessly. Hence, it is quite essential to understand … Read more

Embed Twitter: Guide To Displaying Your Post on Websites

Twitter is one of the effective ways for brands to reach their target audience. Over the years, the platform has allowed people to discover brands through websites. Brands putting their Twitter feeds on websites has enabled visitors to keep up with their tweet activity. It has also increased their engagement with website visitors. However, none … Read more

See Deleted Tweets: Is This Activity Possible?

People publish a lot of controversial posts on Twitter every day. But while some of those posts survive the backlash that ensues, authors delete most of them. However, there is sometimes the need to see deleted tweets; but many people are still unclear about what to do. In fact, there has been debate about the … Read more

Delete All Tweets: The Essential Guide You Need

Twitter is an interesting space that hosts tons of value-adding conversations. Many users give opinions about certain topics from time to time. However, these opinions can cause controversies sometimes and make the platform unbearable. Some tweeps would prefer staying away for a while. Other people may take the drastic decision to delete all tweets causing … Read more

Tweet Preservation: Should We Delete or Preserve Digital Footprint?

Since the inception of social media, concerns have existed regarding the levels of safety and privacy of the platforms. These concerns have especially persisted on platforms like Twitter, with questions arising concerning the fate of user data. These occurrences have prompted users to consider what should happen to their interactions on the platform. While many … Read more

Twitter for Business: Pros and Cons

Over time, social media has grown past basic interactions, lunging into solving several other real-life problems. For instance, many social media platforms have features allowing users to build and promote their brands and businesses. Twitter has become a critical ecosystem for individuals and corporations looking to promote themselves, their products, and their services. With millions … Read more

How Deleting Problematic Tweets Can Prevent Backlash

Old tweets have a way of resurfacing to kick us in the back. This occurrence has become more common with the advent of cancel culture. People have lost their jobs, sponsorships, and gigs because of certain comments they made on Twitter years before. For this reason, many tweeps have resorted to promptly removing tweets with … Read more

Tweet Archiving: Balancing Transparency and Privacy in the Digital Age

Since social media became mainstream, there have been persistent concerns about safety and privacy. These concerns have also affected Twitter, with tons of emphasis surrounding the tweet archiving feature. Remember that Twitter only retains a user’s last 3200 posts on the platform, archiving the rest. So, users must download their Twitter archives to access tweets … Read more

How Deleting Tweets Can Benefit Your Personal Brand

As a brand owner, the tweets you publish can work for you or against you. While certain tweets help to push your brand and boost your engagements and reach, others do the opposite. In fact, certain opinions and stances on trending issues and events could cause a lot of backlash for your brand. Also, old … Read more

Twitter Memes: The Secrets of Going Viral Explained

If there is one form of content to define the Internet age, Twitter memes take the top spot. Coupled with the character limit, you get a glimpse of why they do so well on the platform. Although they seem simplistic, they’re hard to master when the aim is to be viral. Today, let’s jump into … Read more

Twitter Viewer: Why You Don’t Need To Login To Use Twitter

Whether you want the latest updates or to connect with public figures, Twitter is the perfect platform. The simplistic design and 280-character limit makes it easy to consume content. As a Twitter viewer, you won’t spend too much time on every post.  Although the content is accessible, can you still use the platform if you … Read more

Exceeded Tweet Limit: Get Out of Twitter Jail for Free

What makes Twitter great is the ease with which you can post tweets. Whether on your laptop or smartphone, sharing your thoughts takes a few minutes. However, if you post too frequently within 24 hours, you’ll receive an exceeded tweet limit message. Why are you seeing this warning on Twitter? Can you still post updates, … Read more

Hide Twitter View Count – How Can You Turn This Feature Off?

In December 2022, Twitter introduced a new feature known as view count to all its users. Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, wanted to show that the platform is alive. However, if you don’t like this feature, you’ll want to hide Twitter view count. After all, why should everyone see your tweet’s metrics, especially if … Read more

Twitter Trends – 3 Secrets To Start Trending on Twitter

Twitter trends give you insight into what the internet is discussing at any time. The platform makes staying up-to-date with what’s happening worldwide easy. These trends are helpful whether you want to join the conversation or boost engagement. As a Twitter user, there’s much to learn from what’s hot on social media. By the end, … Read more

Twitter Headers: Get More Followers With This Guide

With 556 million active users every month, Twitter is a great platform to improve your reach. It has the potential to get you thousands of views and new followers. You can get incredible engagement from this social media platform with effort and strategy. However, you won’t get the desired results if you don’t focus on … Read more

How To Remove Padlock on Twitter and Boost Tweet Impressions

Online privacy is essential as information about any person is easily accessible. Twitter understands the importance of this topic, which is why it offers several privacy-focused features. One is the ability to protect your tweets. However, if you use this feature, you’ll notice a lock icon next to your name. As it looks worrying, you … Read more

How To Undo a Retweet and Remove It From Twitter Forever

Did you know 97% of the tweets on Twitter are from 25% of the users? It also explains why retweeting is popular on this platform. When done correctly, you can leverage it to increase your follower count. It brings your old tweets to life and allows you to add to the conversation. But what if … Read more

Am I Shadowbanned on Twitter? 3 Quick Solutions To Fix It

Am I shadowbanned on Twitter?—This is a question you don’t want to ask. It’s understandable, as you don’t want to feel like you’re tweeting into the void. As you notice a recent drop in engagement, you wonder if shadow bans have anything to do with it. You may have several questions about Twitter’s shadow bans. … Read more

Twitter Mass Unfollow Extension: Remove 1000s With One Click

Twitter is a great platform to receive the latest updates on what’s happening worldwide. The social media network makes it easy to find what’s trending, irrespective of your niche. Although the platform is user-friendly, it makes unfollowing users a chore. An easier method is to use a Twitter mass unfollow extension.  As there are several … Read more

How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter Explained

Twitter makes it easy to share all kinds of media on the platform. However, when viewing certain content, you see a warning. It informs you the media may have sensitive content. Along with this message, there’s an eye with a diagonal line. You can only see the content after interacting with it. As you keep … Read more

How Many Characters in a Tweet: Do Spaces and Emojis Count?

Knowing how many characters in a tweet makes it easy to plan your posts. How often did you hit backspace to ensure it doesn’t cross the character limit? You spend more time making edits instead of expressing yourself clearly. Although these limitations force you to check the character count, it does help with your creativity. … Read more

Twitter Won’t Work on Chrome: How to Troubleshoot

Chrome is reportedly one of the most used web browsers today. Its popularity is due to efficiency, ease of use and internet speed. Even on interactive sites like Twitter Web, which requires huge data transfer, Chrome maintains its high efficiency. Sometimes, however, Twitter won’t work on Chrome. Other times, you may be unable to access … Read more

How To Hide Liked Tweets: The Complete Guide

Scrolling through their Twitter feeds, you hit the like button on posts that tickle your fancy. While you may think it ends there, Twitter saves all your liked tweets. Unfortunately, everyone can see these liked posts on your profile. This means that your interactions on the platform are public unless you choose to lock your … Read more

Can People See What You Like on TWITTER? In-depth Exposé

Many social media users would like to be more thrilled about publicizing all their interactions. However, the design of most of these platforms allows other users access to certain information regarding the interactions of others. Even on Twitter, these concerns exist. For instance, questions like “Can people see what you like on Twitter?” Anyone can … Read more

How To Delete Someone Else’s Tweet: Dealing With Offense

Unfortunately, a lot of Twitter users send out abusive tweets every day. Many tweets may need to be revised with you as you go through your Twitter feeds. Other times, some tweets may not align with your ideas. This is commonplace because Twitter contains users from different backgrounds who also have different ideologies. For this … Read more

Twitter Likes Disappear: How To Conceal and Erase Your Likes

When Twitter likes disappear from your feed, your timeline does not reflect a numerical change. Thus, you can keep searching for a tweet on your feed to find it. While you cannot recover deleted likes, it can help to know why Twitter likes disappear. Then you can better prevent their occurrence. Also, when your account … Read more

Most Liked Tweets: Which Tweets Have Blown up the Most?

Different tweets trigger different reactions from the Twitter community. So, while other tweets enjoy widespread acceptance, others draw hurricanes of backlash. In most instances, the number of likes on a tweet describes its overall reception to a certain degree. Although some of the most liked tweets have been controversial, most are widely accepted. These span … Read more

How to Mass Delete Tweets: All the Tools You Need

Deleting multiple tweets at once could be pretty challenging for many Twitter users. Users may try to delete many tweets from their profiles to create a clean slate on the platform. Others may decide to rid their timelines of inappropriate or unneeded tweets. So, there have been questions about how to mass delete tweets. Well, … Read more

How To Delete TWITTER: A Comprehensive Guide

Twitter’s popularity has continued to grow over the years. However, many users continue exiting the platform for several reasons, including the recent takeover. On the other hand, other users have sought to take a temporary break from the platform. These scenarios have raised the question of how to delete Twitter accounts. Many users consider this … Read more

Delete All My Tweets: Everything You Should Know

Old tweets could pose a problem if they resurface under unideal situations. So, it is sometimes wise to remove bizarre, embarrassing tweets and bad attempts to be funny. If you’ve made just a few tweets, you can remove them from your timeline one after the other. However, deleting your tweets this way could be futile … Read more

Delete All Tweets Apps: Tools That Ease Tweet Deletion

Imagine you have thousands of tweets on your Twitter profile and want to delete them all. Can you visit your timeline and delete them one after the other? Of course, that is possible, but it will take considerable time and wear you out eventually. For this reason, many Twitter users look for apps to delete … Read more

How To Delete a TWEET: The Entire Process

While some tweets do not get the reception we anticipate, others no longer indicate our opinions. Either way, Twitter users delete many tweets all the time. Unfortunately, many users are still unsure about how to delete a tweet. While this may seem basic, other users still find it tricky. In some instances, deleting tweets involves … Read more

Bulk Delete Past Tweets

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