See Deleted Tweets: A Comprehensive Guide on Erased Tweets

So, how can you see deleted tweets? Look no further. You’ve come to the right spot. You might want to see your (or someone else’s) deleted tweets for various reasons. These reasons might include the user deleting it or archival by a third-party service. Or maybe Twitter removed it for violating community guidelines. Whatever your reasoning, we’re here to give you all the information on viewing deleted tweets. Let’s get down to business.

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Why Deleted Tweets Are Important

Deleted tweets are significant because they represent an attempt to erase once-available information. Social media platforms are powerful tools for communication. Twitter offers a public-facing way to express thoughts and ideas to a broad audience. Even more fascinating, tweets play a role in preserving our collective history. Social media is a collaborative archive of culture, events, opinions and societal changes in real-time. For example, Donald Trump's deleted tweets are wildly popular regardless of political affiliation.

Deleting tweets is very different from unliking tweets. A user's deleted tweets represent various factors. These factors include changing beliefs, trying to create privacy or for legal and investigative purposes. Consider these factors if you want to delete or learn how to delete a tweet. Ask yourself why you want to erase them. Once they’re gone, it’s a process to view deleted tweets.


How to See Deleted Tweets

If you’re wondering how to see deleted tweets, there are a few ways to view them. If you want to find someone's deleted tweets try searching for them. Especially if they are a celebrity or influential user with many followers. It’s helpful if it’s one or two you want to see. Users may have screenshots of the tweet they want to see, and it’s circulating online. Alternatively, there are a variety of third-party deleted tweet viewer apps and sites to use. Here are a few to try out.

Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is an internet archive website that saves online content. You can use the Wayback Machine to see archived versions of Twitter pages. This includes deleted tweets. You can also use this platform to see if Google Cache contains specific archive content. To use the Wayback Machine, enter the Twitter user’s URL, then select a date range to retrieve deleted tweets. It’s important to note that the Wayback Machine doesn’t capture and archive every website online. However, Twitter is a very popular site, so you’ll likely retrieve Wayback Machine deleted tweets.


TweetEraser is a site aimed at helping Twitter users clean up their Twitter page. The site offers the option to bulk delete tweets for a professional-looking page. TweetEraser also allows you to delete through uploading your Twitter archive. You can then view and find deleted tweets and erase them. It’s simple to use and offers different subscription options.


Similar to TweetEraser, our site helps users bulk delete tweets and likes from their Twitter page. After you request your archive from Twitter, search through it to find deleted tweets. With Pro and Premium plans, we offer advanced features for even more Tweet viewing customization. This includes an auto-delete tweets function.

Have you deleted Twitter and want to see your tweets? Or maybe you deleted something you didn’t intend to. In either of these scenarios, we’re pleased to announce you can see and recover deleted tweets in your archive. Again, to access your Twitter archive deleted tweets, log into the platform and click on your settings. Then tap on your account, followed by “Download an archive of your data.” Follow the prompts to request the download of your deleted tweet archive. Remember, receiving your archive from Twitter takes 24 hours or longer.

Do you want to take a social media break? No big deal. Learning how to delete Twitter is easy if you don’t know how. Just download your archive to have a copy of your deleted Twitter account. It comes in handy when you decide to join the social network again.

If you’re wondering how to see someone’s deleted tweets, you must use a third-party site or app. You can also do a Google search to find someone's deleted tweets. Unfortunately, when you download your Twitter archive, it only contains tweets associated with your account. You cannot download another user's archive to view their deleted Twitter posts unless you have their permission and account information. The same rules apply if you’re curious about how to delete someone else's tweets. It’s important to note that there might be legal ramifications for accessing another user’s account, especially without their consent.

Websites like the Wayback Machine are your best bet for viewing another user’s deleted tweets. Just remember there are limitations, and you might not always be able to see the tweets you want to.

The short answer is yes, you can view deleted tweets containing photos. Twitter's archive includes all of your tweets, including attached images. When you download your archive, you can view all the tweets and images you’ve ever posted. With TweetDelete’s Pro Plan, you can upload your archive and export it into a spreadsheet. It makes it easy to view and find deleted Tweets and pictures.

Again, with your archive, you can only view tweets and photos associated with your own account. You can’t see deleted tweets from other users’ accounts when you download your archive.

Unfortunately, you can’t download deleted Twitter videos from your Twitter archive. Twitter does not store deleted videos in your archive. If you have deleted a video from Twitter, it is no longer accessible to you or anyone else. It’s a benefit if the deleted video in question contains sensitive information. However, you may view deleted videos using an internet archive.

Use TweetDelete to Your Advantage

TweetDelete can help you with almost anything Twitter related. This includes finding deleted tweets, deleting your tweets and likes in bulk and viewing your Twitter archive. It’s truly a one-stop shop for all of your Twitter deleting needs. Here are a few tools you gain from having a TweetDelete account.

Bulk Tweet Deleting

Looking for a fresh start but don’t want to delete your Twitter account? Or, have you ever found yourself asking, “Can I delete all my tweets?” If so, TweetDelete is the best delete-all-tweets app. Hands down, our most popular feature is the ability to mass delete tweets. TweetDelete allows you to quickly and easily delete multiple tweets at once. Choose a keyword or date range, and our platform does the rest. Your Twitter account will look good as new.

Use TweetDelete to Erase Twitter Likes

TweetDelete’s capabilities go beyond deleting tweets in bulk. We can also help you get rid of Twitter likes. Deleting likes is especially important if you check your Twitter analytics often. Your Twitter data helps to improve the accuracy of your analytics. Plus, removing likes helps to unclutter your Twitter. Whether it’s five likes or 500 likes you want to eliminate, TweetDelete has you taken care of.

Keep Your Twitter Clean and Streamlined With TweetDelete

The best thing you can do for yourself and your Twitter followers is to keep your page clean and streamlined. TweetDelete can help by eliminating tweets and likes that no longer serve you. This is especially important if you are changing your brand image. Our user-friendly interface allows you to delete tweets based on a date range. Or, type a keyword or phrase you want to delete into the search bar. We offer a plan for everybody from the occasional tweeter to the expert Twitter influencer.

If you want to see your own deleted tweets, look no further than TweetDelete. Our convenient and easy-to-use platform helps to clean up your Twitter. No need to sift through your endless Tweets to delete—we do it for you.