Delete Tweets From Archive: Clear Clutter For A Clean Slate

In the realm of social media, Twitter specifically, users share thoughts in 280 characters or less. So it's easy for your Tweet history to accumulate and linger. Learning how to delete tweets from archive data is crucial. Whether you’re looking to maintain a pristine online presence, protect your privacy or declutter your digital footprint, it’s important. Not sure how to access your Twitter archive or what to do with it? Don’t sweat—we’ve got you covered. Get ready to take control of your Twitter account and curate a refreshed online persona (if you want). Here’s everything you need to know about when you delete tweets, archive data and manage your Twitter account.

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How to Make a Request For Your Twitter Archive

With just a few clicks, you can erase Twitter history easily. The first step to deleting your tweets is to request your archive from Twitter. Next, you’ll need the help of a Twitter archive deleter. Once you have both of these things, the process is quite simple. Let’s start with learning how to request your Twitter archive.

  • Log into your Twitter account from a desktop computer or laptop. You can request your archive from the Twitter app, but it’s most accessible from a computer.
  • Towards the bottom of the left side of your screen is a circle with three dots. Click on the icon.
  • Tap on “Settings and Support,” then “Settings and Privacy.”
  • In the next menu, click “Your account.”
  • Click “Download an archive of your data.” You will need to re-enter your password when prompted.
  • Press the blue “Request Archive” button.

It might take longer than 24 hours to receive your archive file. Take the wait time into consideration when deciding when to request your archive.

Yes, you can archive your own old tweets. Even better, we can teach you how to archive Twitter posts. When it comes to archiving tweets, you can do it yourself through Twitter’s archive feature. The platform provides a built-in option; all you have to do is request your archive. If you have a small number of tweets, you can manually save or copy them into a document or spreadsheet. It might be time-consuming for many tweets, but it’s effective if you have a limited tweet history.

We’re pleased to announce that you can definitely delete your old tweets from your Twitter archive. It’s doable with the help of a third-party service like TweetDelete. With our Premium Plan, you can upload your archive to your TweetDelete account and delete Twitter data. Unlike tweets or bulk delete all your tweets when you use our platform. Here’s how to delete your old tweets using TweetDelete’s Premium Plan.

  • Log into your TweetDelete account with your Twitter user ID and password.
  • Click on the “Tasks” tab.
  • Click on “Delete Tweets.”
  • Next, upload the tweet archive file you requested from Twitter.
  • Once your file uploads, tap on the “Tweets” tab.
  • Select your file and input your desired date range.
  • Click “Delete my Tweets.”

It may take some time if you have a considerable amount of tweets to delete from your Twitter archive. On average, TweetDelete's Twitter archive eraser can eradicate 15,000 tweets per hour. It's perfect for when you want to delete your entire Twitter history.

If you need to unlike all tweets from your archive, the process is the same as deleting tweets. Again, you’ll need a TweetDelete Premium Plan and your tweet archive data file from Twitter. Then upload, head over to the “Likes” tab, set your parameters, and click the “Delete my Likes” button. Our platform will do all the work for you, so you don’t have to. When the task is complete, double check your likes are gone by checking your Twitter history.

Yes, our upload limit is 1GB. However, the zip file you receive from Twitter might contain several files putting it over 1GB. Unzip your file and pick the correct one to upload on TweetDelete. It is usually titled “tweets.js” and found in the data folder in your archive. If you need help with locating your file or instructions on how to upload it, reach out to customer support. Our team is happy to help.

How long it takes to upload your tweet archive to TweetDelete depends on several factors. There is no hard-fast time as it differs for all users. First, your internet connection or cellular signal plays a big part in how long it takes to upload your file. Next, the size of your archive file determines the upload length. Naturally, smaller files of old tweets take a shorter amount of time than larger files. However, typically uploads don’t take much time at all.

Perks of Your TweetDelete Account

There are an array of perks that come with having a TweetDelete account. Our tweet-deleting and unliking platform gives you more than a streamlined Twitter page. We feature automated tweet deleting, privacy and data management, content control and ease of use. Using TweetDelete gives you time back into your day while our platform does the heavy lifting. Here are a few highlights of using TweetDelete to clean up your old tweets.


Bulk Delete Your Old Tweets

Deleting tweets benefits your personal brand and erases any problematic tweets to prevent backlash. The bread and butter of TweetDelete is that it can mass delete tweets. TweetDelete can delete up to 3200 old tweets with a Pro Plan without requesting and uploading your tweet archive. You'll need to upload your archive data for Twitter history with more than 3200 tweets. However, we can delete all the tweets with ease. Long gone are the days of manually eliminating your old tweets one at a time.


Preserve Your Online Presence

When you declutter your Twitter, you preserve your online presence and maintain privacy. When you automatically delete your old tweets, you minimize the personal information and opinions stored on your Twitter profile. Scheduling this task on TweetDelete helps enhance your online privacy and reduce your digital footprint.


Have a Streamlined Twitter Page

Are you looking to build your brand and look appealing to your audience? Or, maybe you just appreciate a neat aesthetic. TweetDelete is here to help streamline your Twitter page. A clean Twitter page with well-organized content looks visually appealing. Plus, you are more likely to attract visitors and followers. A de-cluttered Twitter creates a positive impression and makes your profile more inviting to others. Another plus? A clean page is easy to navigate.

Let TweetDelete help you delete old tweets from archive data and clean up your Twitter page. We offer a selection of plans to cover all your Twitter needs. Our proprietary program auto-deletes your tweets and likes so you have a clean slate. Let us help you delete your old tweets and likes—sign up and get started today.