Advanced mode instructions

This page describes how to pick tweets IDs for deletion using our advanced form. You can use this to delete tweets based on your own criteria that we don't provide specific options for.

This feature is aimed at slightly more advanced users, so we assume knowledge of things like extracting a .zip file, copy/paste, and basic spreadsheet usage. The method shown below uses the LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet (LibreOffice is a popular open-source office suite that's free to download and use for Windows, Linux or macOS).

  1. Request your Twitter archive file (make sure your Twitter account email address is up to date as they will send you a link). When it's ready, download the archive .zip file to your device.
  2. Extract the "tweets.csv" file from the archive you downloaded. This contains a full list of the tweets in your account and is the file we'll be working with. If you don't see "tweets.csv" and just have a bunch of ".js" files then you requested the wrong file from Twitter (your data file instead of your archive file).
  3. Open the "tweets.csv" file with LibreOffice Calc. An import window should appear. You need to select the first column (the one with "tweet_id" at the top) and change its type to "Text", as shown. After that, press "OK" (the defaults for the other settings should be fine).
  4. You should then have a spreadsheet listing all your tweets (one per row), as shown. The most helpful columns to look at are 'timestamp' (the UTC time you posted the tweet) and 'text' (the text of the tweet).
  5. Decide which tweets you want to delete, and collect all their ID numbers (from the first column).
  6. Paste the ID numbers of the tweets you want to delete into our advanced form, so it looks similar to the screenshot. DO NOT submit tweets you want to keep.
  7. Press the button and we'll delete all the tweets you specified.

Additional tips