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How To Follow Hashtags on Twitter: Tracking Trends on X

When you’re new to Twitter, now X, the social platform throws you into the pool’s deep end. You need to learn how to use various features and navigate the waters of this network by yourself. One such function is X hashtags, synonymous with the platform and visible on almost every post. However, X doesn’t explain … Read more

Buy Twitter Accounts: Is Paying for an X Profile Safe?

Growing your follower count on X is no easy feat, regardless of whether you’re a new or long-time user. After all, you’re competing with hundreds of millions of people. You start looking for quick solutions and come across multiple websites where you can buy Twitter accounts. This seems like a good idea as there are … Read more

Best Twitter Accounts: Follow Them on X To Enrich Your Feed

Following other users on X, aka Twitter, is essential to curating your experience on this social network. This platform is a great source of information and inspiration for all niches. According to Elon Musk, the current owner of X, this platform has over 500 million monthly active users. As a result, it is quite a … Read more

Mass Block Twitter: 4 Ways To Improve Your Experience on X

Are you tired of getting hundreds of spam messages from fake or bot accounts on X, formerly Twitter, every day? Is it part of your routine to regularly deal with trolls or offensive messages? Do you wish you no longer see posts from certain users and their followers in your timeline? If your answer is … Read more

Twitter App Alternative: Platforms That Look and Feel Like X

Although X introduced new features under the new ownership and made significant changes, not everyone liked the transformation. Some believe Twitter’s current evolution is heading in the wrong direction, while others think otherwise. If you’re in the former camp, you’ll want to test new waters to see what else is there, like X. In other … Read more

Twitter Dark Mode: Use X Without Straining Your Eyes

You decide to open X, formerly Twitter, on your smartphone just before you sleep. And bam, the white background of the app, with your screen’s brightness, is so bright it hurts your eyes. Can you turn on Twitter dark mode so this doesn’t happen to you, especially at night? Yes, you can customize the platform’s … Read more

Twitter DM Downloader: Keep Your Conversations on X Safe

There are always some conversations you want to save on X, be it for personal reasons or otherwise. After all, there’s no way of knowing whether this social media giant will be around for another decade. You may want to delete your account and stop worrying about losing your Twitter direct messages (DMs). In situations … Read more

Twitter Auto Post: The Hands-Free Guide To Tweeting on X

Posting regularly on X, formerly Twitter, is essential, given how short a tweet’s lifespan is on the platform. It becomes harder to grow your following when you don’t show up on this social network daily. Fortunately, you can make content creation more manageable with Twitter auto post. This tool ensures your tweets pop up in … Read more

Twitter Payments: Elon Musk’s Plan To Transform X Once Again

Since Elon Musk became X’s owner, he wanted to transform the social network into an all-in-one platform. The former CEO started prioritizing Twitter payments as part of a strategy to move X toward his vision. Given the pace of its development, it’s challenging to keep up with and understand the various financial changes on the … Read more

Twitter Filters: How To Hone Your Experience on X

Twitter filters allow you to fine-tune your experience on this social media platform. They influence what posts appear in your timeline, the accuracy of your search results, and what notifications you receive. However, several users are unaware of these powerful features. Today, let’s learn more about these transformative functions, so you know how to use … Read more

Bulk Delete Past Tweets

Looking for a fresh start on your X, formerly Twitter, account? Let TweetDelete do the hard work for you by deleting your old tweets. Keep your page clean and streamlined with ease.

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