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Twitter Favorites: How the Star Became a Heart

A Twitter user from 2009 won’t recognize the social media network in its current state. Twitter, now X, underwent multiple design changes and no longer looks the same. Even the terminologies and logo are significantly different. There were Twitter Favorites before likes, and the heart icon became synonymous with the platform. You’ll have many questions … Read more

Deleted Tweets Archive: 5-Minute Guide To Find Posts on X

After you post a tweet, it becomes frozen in time, capturing your thoughts and the uploaded media files forever. This is the case until you remove the post, deactivate your profile, or delete your account permanently. But what if you want to revisit a tweet you or someone else published but is no longer accessible? … Read more

Worst Tweets of All Time: The Dark Side of Trending on X

It’s almost every user’s dream on Twitter, rebranded to X, to go viral for their posts. Imagine getting notifications for hundreds of thousands of likes, thousands of reposts, and hundreds of replies. While this is a wonderful experience, it can also become a nightmare if you trend for all the wrong reasons. Several posts on … Read more

How To Delete Followers on Twitter: 4 Tips To Remove Users

Unfortunately, not all followers on Twitter, now X, are equal. Some users will be eager to see the next post, while others may not engage with your content. You may have a handful of followers who constantly spam your comment section and direct messages (DM). There can also be users who just want to troll … Read more

How To Use Twitter for Beginners: Newbie to Pro in 7 Minutes

You finally decide to hop on to X, formerly Twitter, and join the platform’s public town square-like discussions. This network is the place to be to see the latest internet trends emerge and learn about the hottest news. It is also an excellent platform to share your thoughts, jokes, hot takes, or anything relevant.  While … Read more

How Does Social Media Affect Mental Health: The Real Truth

According to Statista, people in the U.S. are on social media for an average of 2 hours and 14 minutes every day. People are online for at least 34.1 minutes daily on X, formerly Twitter. It’s become second nature to check what’s going on a social network when you use your smartphone. It’s hard to … Read more

Twitter Location Search: Find Any Tweet or User on X Easily

Twitter location search is a useful way to look for users and posts via geographic coordinates. It improves the quality of your search results, as you can find specific content easily. It can help observe trends and understand what is happening in particular places through minute-by-minute updates. Despite being a powerful feature, the social media … Read more

How Does Twitter Work: Explaining the Fundamentals of X

Started by Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, and Noah Glass in 2006, Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform. It is a place to share opinions, get the latest news, and follow brands, public figures, and celebrities for updates. However, this platform underwent significant changes after Elon Musk acquired Twitter, now X, for $44 … Read more

Schedule Tweets: Increase Engagement by Posting Regularly

Maintaining a consistent posting schedule on X is essential to widen your account’s reach. Your Twitter posts appear regularly in your followers’ timelines and the algorithmic feeds of users engaging with your content. However, there will be situations where you may not have the time or energy to tweet on X. For instance; you are … Read more

How To Increase Twitter Followers: 3 Powerful Growth Hacks

Your followers are more than just a statistical figure on X, a.k.a. Twitter. They can be the biggest promoters of your content, increasing the visibility of your tweets through likes, reposts, and replies. These people are also the ones that boost your credibility on the social media platform. You can build a thriving community with … Read more

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