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Is Twitter on the Stock Market? Will It Ever Return?

A photograph of a tablet displaying a chart placed on a table with blank paper and a pen.

Twitter has undergone several changes since Elon Musk acquired the platform in 2022, including its rebranding to X. However, while many of the changes affected the platform, a lot more affected its managerial and business status. That is visible from the change in CEO to the massive layoffs and privatization. Nevertheless, the business now promises … Read more

Twitter Follow Limit: How Many Accounts Can You Follow?

An image of Twitter’s bird and X icons placed beside each other on a brown background.

Many interesting features exist on Twitter, now X, that put it ahead of other social media platforms. One is the “Follow” feature, an alternative to the “Friend” feature on other platforms. You can follow any public account on X and subscribe to their tweets without permission. However, you must always watch your following count. There … Read more

Twitter NSFW: Viewing Sensitive Content on X

A 3D illustration of a black X logo on an off-white background.

People from all aspects of life and of different ages are on Twitter, now X, platform. Therefore, everyone has different interests and preferences for what they want to see. Many users consider Twitter NSFW content entertaining or educational. So, it isn’t strange that they want their timeline and feed to be a campground for this … Read more

What Is Twitter API? All the Details About This Interface

A photo of someone holding a phone with the old Twitter logo on the screen.

Twitter’s application programming interface, called its API, is simply a link between the social platform and other programs. It allows developers to read and write data on the social media platform. By providing access to its API, X, formerly Twitter, allows others to create software that integrates with the platform. But because the application programming … Read more

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