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How To Save a Tweet aka Post: Safekeeping Interesting Posts


Mar 21, 2024 11 mins read
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Tweets are the basic foundation of Twitter interaction and conversation. Videos, images, and text all form the elements of an interesting tweet, now known as posts. Coming across posts that contain all of this is normal on the platform. Sometimes, users may take time to view them and keep them for reference. Other times, they may be too busy to do so and want to keep them for later. Whatever the reason, knowing how to save a tweet offers convenience in the situation.

Your Twitter feed can bring you amazing content and people who post what might interest you. Going through multiple tweets is fulfilling, but losing amazing content among the multitude is easy. Understanding how to save a tweet, you like would help you safely keep it whenever you want. But, the process of achieving this can be confusing for many people. Well, this article provides a detailed guide to that.

How To Save Tweets on Twitter: Using Inbuilt Options for Safekeeping

Twitter, now known as X, provides an easier way to save and share tweets. These methods allow you to keep these posts with inbuilt options. These options are on the platform to help users understand how to save tweets on Twitter. Fortunately, they are straightforward to access. They might be the perfect solution to learning how to save tweets without all the hassle. You might also adjust the settings for Twitter to achieve perfection.

How To Save a Tweet to Bookmarks

The Twitter platform contains an inbuilt bookmark feature to keep posts. This feature automatically creates a bookmark list and saves them on your account. Bookmarking tweets is private, and no one will get notified of it. However, the public will still see your comments and likes on the bookmarked posts.

Here’s how to use it in three steps:

  1. Locate the tweet you want to save on your timeline.
  2. Select the share icon below it.
  3. Select the bookmark feature from the list of options that appears.

This will automatically add the post to your bookmark list. Apart from this, other options can help you understand how to save tweets.

How To Save Tweets Through Direct Messages

The Twitter direct message option is another feature that allows you to keep tweets. You can share the post via a DM to keep it in your inbox. The saved item will appear in your inbox like a normal DM from others.

This is achievable in four easy steps:

  1. Select the share icon below the tweets you want to save.
  2. Select “Send Via Direct Message” from the options list.
  3. Enter your username into the search tab and select it. 
  4. Select the send button to receive the DM.

You can comment on the message before sending it if you want. This method is a safe solution for people who want to know how to save a tweet directly. In addition, you will still see a preview of this message in case of tweet deletion. However, you can’t go to the post if you click on it because it no longer exists on the platform.

How To Save a Tweet as a Draft

You tweet every time, but you may not know the draft feature allows you to keep your posts. It is normal because many users still can’t comprehend how to save a tweet as a draft. Thankfully, you can use this feature on all devices.

Here is how to do it in four simple steps:

  1. Open the compose tweet window on any device.
  2. Type whatever you want in the space provided.
  3. Select the “X” icon at the top-left corner. A pop-up message will ask if you want to save or discard the tweet.
  4. Select the “Save” option.

Everything you type will automatically save on your account as a draft. As you can see, all these inbuilt options are effective. Choosing how to save tweets with them depends on your preference and aim.

How to Access Saved Tweets: Locating Posts You Kept

Although the options mentioned above are easy to navigate, you still need to know how to access saved tweets. This way, you can view your saved items and perform further actions. However, the steps to viewing these items differ according to the option used.

How to Access Bookmarked Tweets

Bookmarked tweets are always on a list. However, the list isn’t in order, and the contents will leave the list if there is a tweet deletion. Twitter Blue provides organizational features to help create folders and arrange the items. You only need to pay a subscription fee to access the Twitter Blue features. Overall, the bookmark feature is useful for understanding how to save tweets.

Here is how to view the bookmark list in two easy steps:

  1. Click the “More” option on a desktop. Tap the profile icon if you are using a mobile app.
  2. Select the bookmark option from the menu.

You will see a list of your bookmarked posts. You can select an item to view it or perform other actions.

How to Access Tweets Saved as Direct Messages

Direct messages are the easiest to access. You only have to go to your messages and select your conversation. You will see all the previous messages you have sent to yourself. You can select any message to go to the post. You can then perform further actions on the post. The only thing that won’t let you see the post is if the owner deleted it.

How to Access Tweets Saved as a Draft

Drafted tweets are another easy option to access. The system keeps them on a list you can access whenever you want.

Here is how to see the list in two steps:

  1. Open the compose tweet window again but don’t type anything.
  2. Select the “Draft” button in the top-right corner.

You will see a list of all your saved drafts. You can select an item to perform further actions on it.

How To Save a Tweet Thread: Safekeeping Connected Posts

Twitter threads help you to keep up with a chain of connected tweets. Due to the tweet’s character limit, the platform provides steps to create and view threads. These posts can be long and interesting, but you can save them. Therefore, knowing how to save a tweet thread is your best solution. Unfortunately, this is only possible with third-party tools.

Thread Reader is a third-party tool to help you solve how to save tweets aka posts on X. You can also use this tool to read Twitter threads like blog posts. Also, you can save the threads as PDFs to read them as one body of text. However, you must create a free account to access and manage saved threads. After that, you must reply to the tweet thread with “@threadreaderapp unroll” to activate its bot. Alternatively, copy and paste the tweet link in the search box on the Thread Reader’s website. 

Unroll Thread is another powerful tool to help you save threads. You can also use it to save threads as PDFs. This tool allows you to use its features without paying a subscription fee. You only have to reply to the last tweet on the thread with “@UnrollThread.” You will get a reply from the bot with the link to the compiled thread in an article format.

How To Save a Tweet to Your Camera Roll: Keeping Pictures of Posts on Your Device

Sometimes, you can save tweets with interesting replies as pictures. Thankfully, learning how to save a tweet to your camera roll is straightforward. All you need is your device and access to the posts you like. The good part is this method is a quick solution for how to save tweets.

How To Save a Tweet to Your Camera Roll as a Mobile Screenshot

Screenshots are the easiest option to save a tweet on your camera roll. This feature is one of the safest; you can keep it as long as you want. You can also upload the screenshot to your cloud for safekeeping. However, taking and saving screenshots differs in each phone model. You only have to simultaneously press the power and volume down buttons on an Android phone. On the iPhone, you will press the power and home buttons simultaneously. Then, release them at once. The screenshot will automatically save to your phone’s camera roll. You can always view it in your phone gallery. Both methods help you comprehend how to save a tweet to your camera roll on your mobile.

How To Save a Tweet to Your Camera Roll as a Desktop Screenshot

Screenshots are also possible on the desktop. However, the process is more advanced and requires more steps. You can print the screen and edit it. This option effectively helps you know how to save a tweet to your camera roll on the desktop.

Here is how to print the screen in six steps:

  1. Press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard whenever you see a tweet you want to save.
  2. Launch the MS Paint application on the device and right-click on any area on the screen. 
  3. Click the paste option to make your screenshot appear.
  4. Click the “Select” option and drag the cursor to select the area surrounding the tweet.
  5. Select “Crop,” then “File.” 
  6. Select a “Save” option to put it in any folder.

The screenshot will automatically save onto the folder; you can view it in pictures. Now, let’s explore how to save a tweet with interesting videos.

How To Save a Tweet Video: Keeping a Copy of the Action

Tweet videos are one of the hardest to save on any device. There is no inbuilt option to download Twitter videos. Thankfully, there are third-party alternatives to do so on every device. Therefore, here are your solutions if you want to know how to save a tweet video.

How To Save a Tweet Video on a Desktop

Twitter Video Downloader is a powerful tool for helping you understand how to save a tweet video on desktops. This tool also allows you to select the video quality before downloading. So, you don’t have to worry about how to save a tweet with good video quality.

Here is how to use it in four steps:

  1. Right-click on the tweet video and select “Copy Video Address.”
  2. Go to the Twitter Video Downloader on another tab.
  3. Paste the video URL in the text box and select “Download.”
  4. The video will automatically download on the desktop.

How To Save a Tweet Video on iOS Devices

The Shortcuts app is your solution for how to save a tweet video on iOS devices. You can use it to download Twitter videos on iPhones and iPads.

Here is how to use it in eight steps:

  1. Download the Shortcut app from the iOS app store.
  2. Launch the app and go to settings.
  3. Tap “Shortcuts” in the list of options and turn on the button for “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.”
  4. Download the Twitter Video Downloader on the Shortcuts app.
  5. Scroll down and select “Add Untrusted Shortcut.”
  6. Launch the Twitter app and go to the tweet video you want to download.
  7. Tap the “Share” icon. You will see the Twitter Video Downloader on the menu.
  8. Select it to launch it and choose a video quality from the given option.

The video will automatically save to your phone gallery. Now, let’s see how to save tweets with videos on Android devices.

How To Save a Tweet Video on Android Devices

The Download Twitter Videos app is another powerful tool for knowing how to save a tweet video. But first, you have to install the Download Twitter Videos app from the Google Play store.

This is how to use it in five steps:

  1. Launch the app and go to “Settings.”
  2. Adjust the video quality options.
  3. Go to Twitter and copy the link to the tweeted video you want to download.
  4. Open the downloader app and paste the URL in the space at the top of the screen.
  5. The video will automatically download in the app.

You can save the downloaded video in your phone gallery. Although learning how to save tweets is fantastic, your Twitter activities can increase your data. Ridding your account of this built-up data can be challenging.

But at TweetDelete, we invented a simple web-based tool that helps filter and delete bulk tweets. This easy-to-use tool allows you to load, filter, and delete tweet data and archives effortlessly. Also, TweetDelete does not block your timeline with promotional content while doing all this. Start filtering and cleaning your X, formerly Twitter, timeline today!


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