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Request Twitter Archive: Retrieving Your Records With Ease

Duane Columbres

Mar 21, 2024 12 mins read
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According to Search Logistics, Twitter’s monthly user base consists of 7.2% of all Internet users. While some use the platform to keep up with the latest happenings, others post trending content. Regardless of what you use the app for, Twitter keeps a backup of every user’s activities. To access this record, you must request Twitter archive from the app or web browser.

The Twitter archive is an intriguing feature that you can use to access all content types from your Twitter timeline. Whether it’s a post you deleted or shared previously, you can view them all if you request a Twitter archive. If you’re wondering how to view your Twitter archive, this article explains everything.

A picture of a typewriter with white paper carrying the words “Twitter archive.”

What Is Twitter Archive: Discover the Contents of Your Twitter Archive

It’s quite agreeable that a reasonable percentage of Twitter users do not know what Twitter archive files are. One might have encountered the term without understanding it, while others may have minimal knowledge. Hence I’ll explain everything about Twitter archives before proceeding. So, what is the Twitter archive?

A Twitter archive is a ZIP file containing compressed directories that every Twitter account owner has. Majorly your Twitter archive contains every activity you have engaged in using your Twitter account. Examples of your Twitter archive’s contents include all your Tweets, posts, and Direct messages (both sent and received). It also includes every media content you have shared on the app.

The Twitter archive is a nice and reliable feature that helps to trace missing information. You can also recover your profile information from your personal or Twitter business account. Accessing your Twitter archive lets you see your tweets, followers, following list, retweets, and more. Consider your Twitter archive as a storeroom you can visit to search for records anytime.

Interestingly, the Twitter archive doesn’t contain records of only recent activity. You can access all ZIP archive files from the day you joined Twitter. So peradventure you want to access records of all your Twitter content and account information, you can request Twitter archive.

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How To Request Twitter Archive: Accessing Your Activity Log

You can request Twitter archive and access data files by activating some settings. But you need to know how to request Twitter archive. Viewing your Twitter archive is a simple process you can learn within minutes. So without further ado, below are steps for requesting your Twitter archive data:

  1. Get your smartphone or PC and open Chrome or any other web browser.
  2. Open one browsing tab and log in to your Twitter account using your username, email address, and password.
  3. Confirm your email address if you are yet to do so.
  4. If you’re using a PC, click the three dots or more icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  5. If your device doesn’t display the more icon, locate the profile icon at the top left and select it.
  6. When you do, a left-side panel will pop up with several options. Browse through the options and select “settings and privacy.”
  7. Another menu will appear on the left panel. Go through it and tap on “your account.”
  8. A sub-menu will appear. Search for the option “download an archive of your data” and click it to load Twitter’s data page.
  9. For security reasons, you will have to verify your identity before proceeding.
  10. After that, a page will open and display the option “Twitter data.” 
  11. Beneath this option, you will see a blue box in which it’s written “request archive.” Click on it to request your Twitter archive.

Considering the usefulness of the data in the archive, you may worry about the ease of accessibility. If the information in your Twitter archive falls into the wrong hands, the result may not be pleasant. Hence, you must set a strong Twitter password to protect your Twitter data from intruders.

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How Long Does It Take To Request Twitter Archive?

Contrary to what you may be thinking, receiving your Twitter archive after placing a request takes a little time. The reason for this is that Twitter needs time to process your request. Then after processing it, Twitter requires extra time to generate all the necessary files before sending it to you.

So, it takes a day or more for Twitter to send your archive to you. For example, if you request Twitter archive by 6 am today, you should begin expecting it by 6 am tomorrow. Note that you won’t receive the direct file but a link to the file. Waiting to receive your archive link may be annoying, but it’s worth it. Trust me; you’ll be glad when you receive the entire record of your time on Twitter.

Now that you know the waiting duration before you receive your Twitter archive request, you should plan appropriately. If you need your Twitter records urgently, you should send in your request a few days earlier. After sending the link to your email, Twitter will notify you via the app or browser when you log in.

When you receive the email and notification, the only blockade between you and your data file will be the download. However, you’ll have to verify your identity once again before downloading. Thankfully, this process is a swift one.

How to Download Twitter Archive: Saving Backup Data

Twitter has a world-class archive feature for keeping track of information and preventing important details from getting lost. It’s an intriguing feature that all Twitter users should be able to use. So to access the curation of your account’s information, you must first request Twitter archive. However, it doesn’t end there. If you do not download the Twitter archive compressed ZIP file, you will be unable to use it. Therefore, you need to learn how to download Twitter archive.

That said, below are the steps for downloading the Twitter archive:

  1. After receiving the in-app or online notification and email, log in to the Twitter website or open the app.
  2. Click on the ”more” or “profile” icon.
  3. Peruse the menu options and tap on “settings and privacy.”
  4. Next, select your account.
  5. Tap on the option to “download an archive of your data.”
  6. Under “Twitter data,” click on “download archive.”
  7. Select a location to save the file, and the download will begin.

Do note that the archive data is available in HTML and JSON files. The HTML file contains your download summary, including the number of tweets and blocked profiles. It also contains an HTML-coded list of all your downloads and their file names. There’s also a document that explains the files. The HTML page also contains options like ads, tweets, likes, accounts, and direct messages. You can click on any option to access its contents.

There’s also a search box for filtering information using the data type or date. You’ll find the text in JSON format when you open any folder. So you can access your tweets, their demographics, and even URL. Furthermore, you can archive posts, videos, and pictures for future reference.

A screenshot of the Twitter web page displaying the side panel menu.

Can You Request Twitter Archive From Another Account? Employing Third-Party Applications

Twitter’s protocol prevents anyone from accessing another user’s backup data file unless you have their login details. However, you can use Twitter’s advanced search feature to filter and find information on public accounts. Several public account filtering options include keywords, hashtags, engagement, date, replies, etc. Though you can’t access someone else’s archive, you can download their old tweets using any Twitter API. Below are apps you can use for this.

Request Twitter Archive With Follower Analysis

Follower Analysis is a third-party analytic tool that you can use to request Twitter archive tweets from another person’s account. Although Twitter doesn’t grant anyone download access to Tweets from another user’s account, Follower analysis does. This API tool works for all accounts except private ones.

Below are steps for downloading someone else’s tweets using Follower Analysis:

  1. To begin, visit the Follower Analysis website.
  2. From the panel at the top of the screen, select old tweets.
  3. Tap on the blue “request data” button.
  4. A form with the title “request historical data” will load. Please fill out the form and state your requirements, then submit it.
  5. If your submission is successful, you will receive an email containing the data specifics and fee within three hours.

You can search for tweets using hashtags, keywords, and mentions. You can also download the latest 3200 tweets and retweets from any public Twitter account. Additionally, you can request an analytic report of the tweets at an extra fee.

Request Twitter Archive With TwtData

TwtData is another efficient third-party app that you can use to download archive from  accounts in CSV/ xlsx format. With TwtData, you can request Twitter archive from a public account. You can also download another user’s lists, last 3200 tweets, followers, and followings. Follow the steps below to use TwtData:

  1. Visit the TwtData website with Chrome or any other web browser.
  2. Input your email address and the account handle(s).
  3. Choose the format to receive the data (CSV or xlsx.)
  4. Click the “get price or free sample” button at the end of the dialog box.
  5. TwtData will display the price and specify when you will receive the data.
  6. If you wish to proceed, select “pay with card” and follow the prompts. 
  7. When you pay, TwtData will begin processing the backup information you need.
  8. When it’s ready, TwtData will email you the link for downloading the archive.

With the free sample, you can get 25 data records, but there is no limit when you subscribe. Aside from downloading tweets in a spreadsheet format, you can also download another user’s follower and following lists with TwtData. You should note that generating results will take more time, depending on the quantity of data.

Request Twitter Archive With TrackMyHashtag

You can request and download an archive from an account you cannot access. TrackMyHashtag is an advanced AI third-party analytic tool that can help you access information from Twitter’s servers. You can request Twitter archive and historical data concerning campaigns, events, and mentions. Below are steps to guide you in using TrackMyHashtag:

  1. Visit the TrackMyHashtag website.
  2. Locate the panel at the top of the page and select ”historical data.”
  3. Click on “request data.” A page will load with a form at the right.
  4. Fill out the name, email, search term, start and end date, then submit.
  5. After a few hours, the sales team will send you the price and other details.

Request Twitter Archive With Tweetbinder

You may request Twitter archive from another account to perform competitor analysis, conduct influencer research or plan a campaign. Whatever your reason, you can use Tweetbinder to track other users’ tweets, retweets, replies, and records. You can download all the information you need within 1 to 9 minutes. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the Tweetbinder website.
  2. Scroll down to the “historical data” section and click the purchase button.
  3. A page with different payment options will load. You can pay with Paypal or your card. 
  4. After making the payment, you can access up to 35,000 tweets from any date range.

Request Twitter Archive With Authory

Authory is a Twitter backup API with which you can view archive data. However, unlike the other analytic tools, Authority has a significant limitation. You can’t access someone else’s archive unless they give you their Twitter login details. But if you have the necessary details, here is how to proceed:

  1. Visit the Authory signup page.
  2. Click on ” Continue with Twitter” and authorize the app.
  3. Follow the prompts to register your authority account, then log in.
  4. Click on “content” from the menu at the top to display previews.
  5. You can navigate the content types from the left panel to view posts, videos, or pictures.

Following the steps above, you can request Twitter archive for any public account using Authory.

A picture of a person using a smartphone's Twitter mobile app to view an  option menu showing “settings and privacy.”

How To Cancel Twitter Archive Request: Halting Your Data Download

The Twitter archive contains records of moments, videos, pictures, Gifs, posts, and follower information, amongst others. So, you can easily request Twitter archive when searching for missing or deleted information. However, you can cancel your request if you recall the information you want. But this requires knowledge of how to cancel Twitter archive requests.

The Twitter data request process is easy to cancel. If you are yet to click the blue “request archive” button, click the return icon. This action will take you to the previous page. You can click the button repeatedly till you return to your Twitter timeline. However, you can request Twitter archive again if you change your mind.

Delete Twitter Archive: How To Erase All Records

Twitter’s archive files contain fond memories and sometimes old ghosts. While it may be fun to reminisce over old content, leaving controversial posts in the dark is better. Unfortunately, deleting tweets or other content from your timeline will not erase them from Twitter’s archive. But there’s a way out. You can delete Twitter archive or remove specific records with a third-party application like TweetDelete.

To do so, first request Twitter archive and then upload the archive file to your Twitter management tool. You can then browse through the file and delete your Twitter archive. But aside from deleting archives, you may want to perform other analytic functions. Don’t worry; TweetDelete can handle it all.

At TweetDelete, we’ve designed a straightforward and easy-to-use web application that filters and deletes tweets in large numbers. This tool helps users to import, load, and delete tweets and archives. TweetDelete is ideal for users trying to clear their Twitter profiles because it does not clutter timelines with promotional information. Start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

Duane Columbres

The TweetDelete team is dedicated to helping users take control of their digital footprints. With expertise in social media management and online privacy, the team provides practical solutions and insightful guides to help users manage and delete their old tweets effortlessly.

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