Why Was My Twitter Account Suspended? All Reasons Explained


Sep 19, 2023 9:00 am

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Motivated by security concerns for X users and the platform, administrators use account suspension to enforce rule compliance. Therefore, it is not uncommon to hear about Twitter account suspensions, whether temporary or permanent. It is common to associate suspensions with users who fall out of line, but not when it happens to you. That may prompt you to ask, “Why was my Twitter account suspended?”

You’ll undoubtedly be frantic about this, especially when it happens without prior notice. However, Twitter can mistakenly suspend a compliant account, which could be your case. In this case, you can easily unsuspend your account and resume your X journey. This article outlines all the possible reasons for Twitter suspensions and the steps for recovery.

How To Tell if a Twitter Account Is Suspended

Twitter usually sends an email to notify you after suspending your account. However, they may not send this email for minor and temporary suspensions. In other cases, you may miss the email notification. Still, other ways exist to tell when you face an account suspension. When determining how to tell if a Twitter account is suspended, you only need to try one approach. All the methods are accurate, but some are obvious, while others need minor research.

The three methods below help you identify a suspended Twitter account:

  1. Notification from the login page: The first way to identify a suspended account is from the login page. When Twitter suspends your account for a significant issue, they usually log you out of the platform. When you try to log back in, you’ll receive an onscreen notification showing that Twitter has locked your account. 
  2. Verifying from the profile page: Other times, you can access your account when suspended, but on a read-only mode. When you try to comment or post, Twitter will notify you of the limitation on your account. You can confirm your account’s status from your profile page. On your profile page, check your followers and following count; if they both appear as zero, your account is inactive. 

    You can also use this method to confirm the suspension status of other Twitter users. Some profiles will also show a blank white screen below the display name and handle with “Account Suspended” boldly written. 
  3. Searching on Twitter’s Web version: When you search for an account on the web using their username, it immediately appears, leading you to their profile. However, when Twitter suspends an account, a search will return “This page does not exist” or “Account Suspend.”

Twitter Account Suspension: Possible Reasons for a Temporary Suspension on X

X works hard to maintain a reliable social media platform and a safe user environment. So, when an account becomes a security risk for others, they’ll take stringent measures, like suspending it. However, this is the general reason for a Twitter account suspension;  specific actions or inaction could immediately elicit this response.

You can classify the reasons for temporary suspension on Twitter into three broad categories. Fortunately, this section discusses the details of each category.

Twitter Account Suspension in Response to a Security Risk

Twitter’s continuous work to enhance user safety also includes your safety. So, X can temporarily suspend your account when it detects suspicious activities, hinting at an account compromise. It’s common for hackers to hijack an account to perpetuate malicious activity, and Twitter’s suspension helps curtail this.

In this case, Twitter will gladly restore the account to its rightful owner after sufficient verification. Usually, this account restoration will require an email address and phone number verification. Afterward, you can access your account again and resume your Twitter journey safely.

Twitter Account Suspended Due to Spammy Actions

Spam is one of Twitter’s most intolerable infringements. Twitter now X considers fake and spammy accounts as security risks and will immediately suspend an account that appears so. Spam accounts are usually bots built for accelerated Twitter activities. Unfortunately, Twitter will also suspend your real account if they behave spammy.

Below are five common spammy behaviors that could get an account temporarily suspended on Twitter:

  1. Aggressive following and unfollowing.
  2. Exceeding tweet limit without follow-up conversations.
  3. Misusing popular Twitter hashtags.
  4. Aggressive liking and favoriting in a short timeframe. 
  5. Incomplete profile set up.

Although Twitter can judge your real account as spammy in error, you can quickly reach out to restore your account. After verifying some information about yourself to show if you’re a real person, Twitter will unsuspend your account. However, refrain from spammy activities to prevent further suspension of your account.

Twitter Account Suspension for Abusive Behavior and Content

Twitter does not only work to ensure users’ data safety and privacy but also their emotional safety. So, while allowing freedom of expression, they warn against abusive behaviors and content like hate speech. When an account infringes such a rule, Twitter will temporarily suspend that account.

You may have seen many users get away with this infringement. That is because X administrators couldn’t identify the abuse. However, when users report abuse on Twitter, the administrators investigate the report and take the necessary suspension action.

When Twitter suspends your account for this reason, you’ll have to wait out the suspension period. You may also file an appeal, but reviewing your appeal also takes some time. So, do not tweet too sensitively; multiple reports could result in far worse actions.

Why Was My Twitter Account Permanently Suspended?

Permanent suspension on Twitter is the worst! It brings a total halt to your entire X progress and exiles you from the platform. Worse still, it’s very hard – nearly impossible – to reverse a permanent suspension on Twitter. So, with victims asking, “Why was my Twitter account permanently suspended,” you can learn the reasons and prevent it.

There is no single reason why Twitter will directly suspend your account permanently. However, you can receive permanent suspension if you persist in the activities that earn your temporal suspension. Although seldom occurring, Twitter can suspend your account permanently if you gravely infringe any policies punishable by a temporal suspension.

For example, Twitter can suspend you permanently if your account and actions are too abusive with multiple reports. An excessively spammy account with reasonable evidence of bot control might also receive a permanent suspension.

Notwithstanding, if Twitter permanently suspends your account erroneously, you can appeal for restoration. Although your chances are slim, especially after being reported multiple times, it is worth attempting.

Why Was My Twitter Account Suspended for No Reason? What Can I Do?

Many consider their Twitter account suspended for no reason when Twitter fails to notify them of the suspension. However, whether or not Twitter sends you a notification email with reasons, they cannot suspend your account for no reason. Their reasons may prove invalid or subtle, but you must investigate and resolve this reason to restore your account.

The following are five subtle reasons why Twitter may suspend your account without notice:

  1. False reports.
  2. Spammy actions.
  3. Unverified profile details.
  4. Inappropriate tweets.
  5. Security risk on your account.

Though not limited to them, these are the most common reasons for abruptly suspending your Twitter account. Kindly follow Twitter’s instructions to unlock your account when suspended on any such grounds.

How To View Suspended Twitter Accounts

With more accounts suspended for minor violations, many are seeking how to view suspended Twitter accounts. If the account is yours, a temporary suspension may allow you to view your profile in read-only mode. Sometimes, however, you may be unable even to log in until you’re unsuspended.

When it’s another user’s account, you cannot view their account from Twitter when suspended. Twitter usually conceals such accounts from public view; they’re like shadow-banned accounts. However, you can view their past activities using the Wayback Machine or bookmarklets.

How To Delete a Suspended Twitter Account

Twitter’s suspension of your account may adversely affect your goals and cause you to give up on an account. You must learn how to delete a suspended Twitter account before registering another account.

You can do this by unsuspending the account and deactivating it in the usual way. Alternatively, you can request Twitter to deactivate it. You can file this request on Twitter’s help center. Follow the prompt and fill out each field to successfully delete your account.

Deleting a suspended account is a good idea when you can’t restore it. But when you can, it’s best to clean up your timeline afterward. That will help you prevent further reports and stay safer on Twitter. This way, you’ll never ask, “Why was my Twitter account suspended?” again.

TweetDelete is a web-based tool that can help you filter and clear your timeline seamlessly. With this tool, you can schedule tweet deletion after posting for a set period. That will allow you to air your opinion, however absurd, long enough to keep you safe. TweetDelete will also retain deleted tweets, allowing you to refer to them at will. So, start filtering and cleaning your timeline today!

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