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View Deleted Tweets: All the Helpful Tools and Techniques

Duane Columbres

Apr 16, 2024 11 mins read
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Whenever people delete their posts on Twitter, now known as X, these posts generate a lot of interest. Because of this, it is sometimes necessary to view deleted tweets. People look for ways to access removed tweets for various reasons. First, people track removed tweets to prove points or make arguments. Reviewing an old important tweet from an influential figure or someone of interest could also be necessary.

Either way, there are several helpful techniques for accessing removed Twitter posts. You could employ third-party archival websites or search engine features to view deleted tweets from other accounts. On the other hand, you could use specific Twitter features, or X features, to access your removed tweets and others. This guide discusses all the techniques and applications involved in this process.

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How To View Deleted Tweets: Accessing Erased Posts on Twitter

Accessing removed posts could sound unattainable for someone who doesn’t understand the internet. Of course, this point is not entirely inaccurate; people delete tweets because they want those tweets gone. However, the insistence that the internet never forgets is a valid assertion in most cases. Still, people consider how to view deleted tweets.

How To View Deleted Tweets With Search Engine Cache

Besides drawing search results from all angles online, search engines allow users to view deleted tweets. These search engines perform this function through their cache, which stores webpage data, retaining them even after people delete them. In the same way, these engines store tweet data, drawing them after the author has removed the posts.

It is a convenient feature on search engines like Bing and Google. However, search engine cache like the Google cache only allows users to view recently removed tweets. This is due to the feature’s volatility. It also results from the cache’s inability to retain data for long because of its short-term nature.

Here are six steps to access deleted tweets with the cache:

  1. Launch a web browser on your computer and open a new search tab.
  2. In the search box, input the person’s username, the word “Twitter,” and some text from the original tweet. Hit enter and wait for the web browser to load up the results. 
  3. From your search results, you’ll see recent tweets from that account. The results may include recent tweets the user has deleted.
  4. Find the tweet or profile you’re looking for and click the three-dots icon beside the result. 
  5. From the pop-up that may appear, click the downward arrow. Immediately, the search engine will open a cached version of the tweet if it saved one.
  6. If you can’t find the tweet from your results, consider checking the cached version of the user’s profile.

While this is not a proven method to view deleted tweets, it provides a helpful alternative. Again, it is most useful for recently removed Twitter posts. So, saving screenshots of these tweets is essential since the engine could wipe them off anytime.

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How To View Deleted Tweets With the Twitter Advanced Search Feature

The Twitter Advanced search feature, an integral feature of the social media platform, allows users to perform highly-specific searches. This advanced search function supports Twitter searches with unique parameters that dramatically tailor the results. Besides regular searches on the platform, this feature allows users to view deleted tweets.

When used, it draws results that may include removed tweets with indications of deletion. Although this technique only works on X or Twitter’s web version, it is worth a shot if you need to access removed tweets. It includes utilizing key phrases, dates, and other information you can find about the tweet of interest.

You can check for these tweets with this feature in six steps:

  1. First, open the X website, previously known as Twitter website, on your computer browser and log into your account. 
  2. Open the advanced search page. Do this by running an in-app search and clicking the three dots beside the search bar on the search results page. Then choose “Advanced Search” from the options that’ll appear. 
  3. The advanced search page opens a dialog box with several sections for separate parameters. In the “Words” section, input the phrases and hashtags you remember from the tweet. 
  4. Input the tweet author’s username in the accounts sections, filter replies and original tweets, and choose the engagement range. 
  5. Finally, choose the date range within which the user published the tweet. 
  6. Afterward, click the “Search” button at the top right corner of the dialog box.

While you could find the Twitter advanced search feature helpful, you may often not see the results you’re looking for. For instance, it does not pull results from private Twitter accounts. You should try other helpful alternatives like third-party archival websites if it doesn’t give the desired results.

How To View Deleted Tweets by Searching Them on Google

Searching tweets on Google can also be an effective way to view deleted tweets. You’ll depend on news blogs and reposts for this activity to provide helpful results. While Google also assists with retrieving removed posts using its cache feature, you may just be lucky. Controversial tweets receive more attention. So, getting your hands on their screenshots after the author has deleted them is more accessible.

It helps more when famous or influential individuals share these controversial tweets because they draw more attention and reactions. This technique has the lowest possibility of producing results. Thus, it should be your last resort for any tweet.

You must include the context in your search parameters to search for these tweets. For instance, a search of “Images of President Donald Trump’s tweets on January 6th, 2021,” draws screenshot results. So, the deal here is to hunt for removed tweets this way when you’re sure of the author’s popularity.

Using a Deleted Tweet Viewer: Employing Third-Party Services

Again, viewing removed Twitter posts could be tricky, especially if the tweet author removed them long ago. While it is possible to achieve this, it sometimes requires a series of trials and errors. If you want to view deleted tweets, consider trying some third-party apps. You can use third-party services like the Wayback Machine as a deleted tweet viewer. You can also use other more specialized web services that target tweets from specific individuals.

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How To View Someone’s Deleted Tweets With the Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine, an archive of the internet, offers a fully-convenient way for people to view deleted tweets. Usually, this third-party service prowls the internet, taking snips of millions of web pages and storing them for public access. This website provides an added advantage because it saves the webpage as it appeared on that day. This means that users can view the previous version of the page even if the outlook changes eventually.

Due to the huge volume of web pages on the internet, the Wayback Machine only saves popular web pages. These include reputable pages from social media platforms like Twitter. Consequently, it allows users to pull tweets from these profiles even after the authors have removed them.

Here are four steps to view erased tweets from the Wayback Machine:

  1. Launch a web browser, preferably on your personal computer, and load the Twitter archive website in a new tab. 
  2. Return to the now X website, previously Twitter website, and copy the link to the tweet author’s account. 
  3. Return to the Wayback Machine’s homepage and paste the link in the search bar. Click the enter button, and the website will display a calendar if it has archived that particular account. 
  4. The calendar displays dates in years, months, and days, allowing users to choose the date they wish to view. So, tap the date you intend to pull posts from. The machine does not take screenshots of web pages daily, so it highlights the days with available records.

If you’re considering how to view someone’s deleted tweets, the Wayback Machine is a useful option. However, it does not archive tweets from every profile. Instead, it focuses on posts from popular accounts. Still, you can archive your profile if you see fit.

How To View Deleted Tweets With Politwoops

Politwoops, another third-party service, acted as a search platform for deleted posts from politicians. In addition to tracking removed tweets from public officials, the website tracked tweets from candidates for public office. The site allows users to search and view deleted tweets from these individuals, accessing them when needed.

The website is simple to use. It displays these deleted tweets in the news feed format on its homepage. As you scroll, the site lists the items one after the others. You can scroll down the page to access all the recommended tweets. However, there’s also a search bar that aids better accessibility.

Here are three steps to access removed tweets using Politwoops: high

  1. Open the Politwoops website on your browser, preferably on your personal computer’s browser.
  2. Search for the person whose deleted tweet you wish to access. Add phrases from the tweet to the search keywords if you remember phrases from the tweet. 
  3. After the website displays the available results, scroll through them to find the item on your mind.

Again, Politwoops focused on gaffes and deletions from politicians and public officials. But while the website was very efficient during the 2016 presidential elections in the United States, it has folded. It tracked deleted tweets until 2023, when the new ownership changed the platform’s API. Nonetheless, you can still access the platform’s old tweets archived before the change.

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How To View My Deleted Tweets in My Twitter Archive: Browsing Removed Posts From Your Data

Most techniques for accessing deleted Twitter posts work on every account, including yours. However, you may often be curious about accessing your tweets from your Twitter archive. The archive contains a user’s information, including tweets, retweets, direct messages, lists, likes, and other information. Like me, many users are skeptical about using this archive file. For instance, I wondered how to view my deleted tweets from the archive.

The Twitter archive provides a valuable way for users to review their content. It also allows someone to view deleted tweets from their accounts. This feature works quite simply. Twitter saves records of your interactions to your archive, allowing you to download and browse a file containing these records. But first, you must download your Twitter archive.

Here are seven steps to download your archive file:

  1. First, log into your account on X’s mobile app or the website on your mobile or desktop browser. Immediately after logging in, the social media app will place you on your homepage.
  2. From your homepage, click or tap “Settings and Support” from the side menu. A drop-down menu will appear.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose “Settings and Privacy.” The social media platform will open these settings on a new page.
  4. Choose “Your account” from the multiple options you’ll find. The app will open your account settings.
  5. Click “Download an archive of your data.” The website will load a new page prompting you to verify account ownership. 
  6. Enter the needed account credentials, input your password, and complete the request.

Immediately, X (previously Twitter) will receive the request for your archive. It may take a while to receive the file, depending on the size of your data.

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How To View Tweets From a Deleted Account: How Possible Is This?

Besides looking for ways to view deleted tweets, there are concerns about accessing tweets from deleted accounts. People lose Twitter accounts all the time; however, there could be the need to browse tweets from those accounts. So, there are questions on how to view tweets from a deleted account.

There is no specific strategy for accessing tweets from deleted accounts. However, the techniques for accessing deleted tweets could suffice even in this case. For instance, the Wayback Machine can help recover tweets from deleted accounts. However, this can only work if you remember the account’s username and the machine had previously archived the user’s profile page.

To create the link, add the tweet author’s username to “[username]” using the Wayback Machine. But apart from the Wayback Machine, Politwoops also performs this role. Here, you can access these tweets once the website has archived them.

Besides viewing deleted Twitter posts, people must clear bulk tweets when they become problematic. However, the social media platform only allows users to delete tweets one after the other. Therefore, third-party apps may be the only answer. This is where TweetDelete comes into the picture.

At TweetDelete, we’ve created a straightforward and efficient web application that filters and deletes tweets in large numbers. This app lets users upload their Twitter archives, load them, and perform specialized tweet deletion tasks. It is an ideal option for users intending to clean their Twitter profiles. So, start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

Duane Columbres

The TweetDelete team is dedicated to helping users take control of their digital footprints. With expertise in social media management and online privacy, the team provides practical solutions and insightful guides to help users manage and delete their old tweets effortlessly.

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