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Most Influential Twitter Accounts: Who’s Who of Famous Users


Apr 30, 2024 12 mins read
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Social platforms like X, formerly Twitter, are influential as they allow people to connect and communicate like never before. They enable information to spread quickly and impact people’s opinions globally. The most influential Twitter accounts can put the spotlight on anything, as millions of users follow these people. Today’s discussion focuses on these profiles.

10 Most Followed Twitter Accounts: Profiles With the Largest Following on X

The most obvious way to judge whether accounts are influential is to look at their follower counts. A larger follower count ensures that the account’s posts regularly reach the feeds of millions of people. 

Keeping this in mind, here’s a list of the top ten most followed Twitter accounts as of April 2024.

1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk (@elonmusk) takes the top spot, with over 180 million Twitter followers. To give you some context, this is more than half of the U.S. population. His popularity on X reached new heights after he bought this social network for $44 billion. 

In June 2022, his follower count crossed 100 million. It took almost another year for the billionaire businessman to reach the top spot with over 133 million followers.

A single post by Elon Musk about Dogecoin in 2021, a cryptocurrency inspired by memes, increased its value by 23%.

2. Barack Obama

44th President of the U.S., Barack Obama (@BarackObama), had the most followers on Twitter until March 2023. Even though he is an ex-president, his posts continue to get millions of views regularly. 

Although his tweets mainly concern politics and activism, he shares a bit about his life. In 2016, Obama ranked 48th on Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful people.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the best soccer players to ever grace the pitch, Cristiano Ronaldo, has over 111 million followers on X. The Portuguese-born soccer legend (@Cristiano) has a devoted fanbase globally. Unsurprisingly, brands keep collaborating with him, as his posts on X give the companies significant exposure.

Although he is in the later stage of his career as of April 2024, he continues to be popular. According to the SSRN, his move to the Saudi Pro League increased stadium attendance by 20% for his home games.

4. Justin Bieber

The Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) holds down the fort by taking the fourth spot in this list. The musician draws the attention of millions of followers everywhere he goes. A megastar by every stretch of the imagination, he has more than 110 million followers.

Despite not being as active as other celebrities, he ranked third in the highest follower count for several years. His tweets are usually about his latest musical releases and collaborations with brands. He also used to give glimpses of what happens behind the scenes in his line of work.

5. Rihanna

Rihanna (@rihanna), the iconic singer from Barbados, is a musician, businesswoman, model, and actress. 

At the time of writing this article, she has over 107 million followers on this social network. She is an active user who posts regularly to promote her brands. The signer also tweets about her interviews, brand collaborations, and what’s going on in her life.

6. Katy Perry

Katy Perry (@katyperry) comes sixth on this list, with an impressive follower count of 106 million. An American singer, businesswoman, and actress, her posts are usually about her latest work and personal brand. 

An influential woman on this platform, her posts have millions of views, which gives you an idea of her popularity.

7. Narendra Modi

India’s 14th Prime Minister, Narendra Modi (@narendramodi), joined X in January 2009 and has more than 97 million followers. He talks about his campaigns and his travels to different countries. Modi is the only politician from his party to serve the longest term as the country’s prime minister.

8. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) is the first musician to become a billionaire from her performances and songwriting. She entered the Forbes billionaire list in April 2024 after her net worth hit $1.1 billion. 

Swift is extremely popular, which explains why she has over 95 million followers. She’s an active Twitter user, regularly covering her albums and media appearances. 

9. Donald Trump

Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump), the 45th president of the United States, has 87 million followers as of April 2024. X banned his account for violating the platform’s terms and conditions for over two years. 

His posts regularly get significant attention, primarily due to his unfiltered opinions. Donald Trump is an influential figure in the world of politics and business.

10. Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga

Pop megastars always make it to this list because of the size of their fanbase globally. Ariana Grande (@arianagrande), an American songwriter, singer, and actress, has won two Grammys since the start of her career. She had over 83 million followers before deleting her account in 2021.

Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) may take the 10th spot, given Ariana Grande no longer has a profile. The American musician has 83 million followers and regularly posts about her work. 

A Guide on How To Find the Most Influential Twitter Accounts Who Follow You

How do you know who the most influential Twitter account following you on X is? One option is to look at your notifications tab, which lets you know when you get a new follower. 

However, you need to go to this user’s page to get an idea of their follower count. 

Also, you may have accidentally cleared your notifications, leaving you in the dark.

Fortunately, you can use third-party tools like Audiense. It has a free tier, where you can analyze your followers by:

  • Follower count
  • Tweets per day
  • Follower to following ratio
  • Lists

Here’s how to use this tool to learn more about your followers:

  1. Go to Audiense and create an account for free. 
  2. Connect the X account you want to analyze to this third-party tool.
  3. Sign in to your Audiense account.
  4. Left-click your profile under the My Twitter Accounts section.
  5. You’ll see your follower count in Community Insights. Left-click it to get an overview of your followers.
  6. There’s a Sort By filter at the top of your screen. Select the downward arrow, i.e., sort by biggest first, to see users with the largest follower count.

How To Reach Top 100 Most Influential Twitter Accounts: Setting Your Targets

How do you reach the top 100 most influential Twitter accounts list? For starters, you need to have at least 26 million followers. Reuters, the news agency, ranks 100 on this list with over 25 million followers. 

Top 5 Most Retweeted Tweets: Ranking Influence via Engagement

Follower count isn’t the only way to measure the influence of a Twitter user. You should also look at their engagement metrics, like the number of retweets, now reposts.

 Here’s a list that looks at who’s popular on X based on how many retweets their posts get.

1. Yusaku Maezawa

The Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa (@yousuck2020) tweeted about giving money away to 100 people. He promised to give the winners 1 million yen. To participate in this contest, people had to retweet his post and follow him. As a result, this tweet received 3.8 million reposts.

2. MrBeast

MrBeast, an American YouTuber, has a large following on every social media platform. His channel on YouTube received over 47 billion views. Musk invited MrBeast (@MrBeast) to post his videos on X after the platform launched its Ads Revenue Sharing program.

The YouTuber published a post asking people to repost his video to participate in a giveaway. Ten lucky winners would receive $25,000. By hosting a giveaway, this single post received 3.5 million reposts.

3. Yusaku Maezawa

Yusaku Maezawa takes the third spot again, with 3 million reposts on one of his posts. He informed his followers that he wanted to give 1,000 people 1 million yen. Again, people had to follow his account and repost the tweet to be eligible.

4. Carter Wilkerson

How far are you willing to go if you can get a year’s supply of chicken nuggets for free? Carter Wilkerson (@carterjwm) asked Wendy’s how many retweets his posts needed to get this deal. The fast food joint informed him that 18 million was his target.

He didn’t waste any time and posted on X, asking people to repost his tweet to reach his goal. Users showed support by reposting this post 3.1 million times.

5. Chadwick Boseman

A post by Chadwick Boseman’s (@​​chadwickboseman) family received 2.6 million reposts. His family informed the world about the actor’s tragic death due to colon cancer. Millions of people showed their respect, as he was an influential figure in the Hollywood industry.

How To Get More Followers on X: 2 Things You Must Do Right Away

If you also want to increase your influence on this platform, you must increase your follower count. Below are two ways to acquire more followers on X.

1. Be an Active Twitter User

You can’t follow the strategies of celebrities and other high-profile public figures. Even if they don’t post regularly, they will always get more followers as long as they’re in the spotlight.

The first step to growing your follower count is to become an active user. What does this mean? First, you must post regularly and consistently on this social media network. 

How will people know about you if your posts don’t appear in their feeds? This is where your posting schedule comes into play.

Regularly posting tweets ensures your followers see your content. If they like them, they will engage with your tweets. If they repost your posts, they will appear in their followers’ feeds.

Does this mean you post as many times as possible? No, you should find the balance of being a regular poster without coming across as spam

You can start with two to three daily posts and work your way up. When you notice the engagement metrics drop, reduce your posting schedule. This way, you’ll find what works best for your target audience.

Being an active user doesn’t only mean you post regularly. You should also take the time to engage with your followers’ posts. People love it when users leave comments, like their tweets, and repost their content.

Also, after you post, reply to people when they comment on your tweets. Having conversations in the reply section gives your posts a boost.

2. Analyze Your Metrics and Post at the Right Time

Your metrics give you insight into what works with your target audience. It gives you all the information you need to improve your content strategy on X. Go through your X Analytics dashboard to learn more about your profile.

What kind of content is popular among your followers? Do people like it when you do deep dives into specific niches with Twitter threads? Or is it better to publish smaller pieces, as the engagement metrics are higher? 

Your analytics dashboard shows patterns in your followers’ behavior. With this data, you can tweak your content to improve engagement metrics.

Similarly, you must know when to post on X. Publishing multiple posts regularly won’t work if your target audience is offline. How do you get this information? 

One option is to create a monthly posting schedule and publish your tweets at the same time every day. You can analyze your tweet’s performance in your Twitter Analytics dashboard.

The next step is to change the timings and see if engagement increases or decreases. This trial-and-error method will allow you to fine-tune your posting schedule.

What if some members of your target audience are active when you’re sleeping? In this instance, you should schedule your posts.

TweetDelete Prevents Your Posts From Affecting Your Influence Negatively

You should now have clarity on the most influential accounts on X. If you want to grow your follower count, look at what the popular profiles in your niche are doing. Emulate their strategies, keep what works for you, and fine-tune them.

Your posts play a significant role in your influence on this platform. The wrong tweets can quickly spiral out of control and negatively affect you. Once people look at your account in a bad light, it becomes almost impossible to be popular on X.

Also, as you grow your follower count, people will look at your older posts. Some may even look for controversial content for online drama.

TweetDelete gives you control over what’s visible on your profile page. Do you know of certain older posts that would not go down well if you published them today? TweetDelete’s custom filter can help you find such posts.

As you may already know, X only allows you to delete one post at a time. However, TweetDelete enables you to remove as many tweets as necessary. This is possible due to the bulk-delete tweets utility.

Another option is to use the auto-delete task. For this tool to be effective, you must include the posts’ keywords, hashtags, and age. TweetDelete will scan your profile periodically and remove anything that matches what you share.

Also, did you know your likes activity is visible on your profile page? This can also cause controversy, preventing you from appearing in the most influential Twitter accounts list.

Thankfully, TweetDelete has a like remover, which will delete your likes from specific posts.

Keep your reputation on X safe by joining the ranks of TweetDelete’s millions of subscribers! 


Dee is a tech enthusiast and digital privacy expert at He shares valuable insights and practical advice to help users take control of their digital presence. When not writing, Dee enjoys exploring new technologies and engaging with the online community.

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