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Twitter Marketing Tips: 11 Tips To Get Instant Results


Mar 21, 2024 10 mins read
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Marketing on X, formerly Twitter, is a sure-fire way of boosting your account’s awareness. It ensures your content is always visible to a wider audience at the right time. However, you can also end up spending a lot of money and effort without getting satisfactory results. This is precisely what the Twitter marketing tips in this guide will help you avoid at all costs. 

Keep reading to get all the knowledge you’ll ever need about advertising on Twitter.

How to Use Twitter for Marketing: 3 Tips To Increase Engagement

Twitter has features like trends, Twitter communities, X Spaces, and lists, which make it an excellent marketing platform. The trick is to know how to leverage these utilities to get reasonable results from your efforts. Here are three tips on how to use Twitter for marketing.

1. Focus On Adding More Visual Content

Visual content in your posts on social media platforms enables you to say a lot more with a lot less. In other words, you don’t have to worry about the 280-character threshold per tweet. This means including photos, images, and videos in your content.

For example, an infographic about a popular topic on Twitter will get the attention of your target audience. Presenting information this way makes your content easy to read and digest. When you include a GIF, your followers and audience will stop and go through your post.

GIFs are popular because they aren’t static, i.e., they have animations. People don’t have to wait long for it to load, making it easier to consume. Also, it can help drive home the point and make your content relatable.

While videos may be harder to produce, they’re always worth the effort and time. It can leave a long-lasting positive impression on your target audience. Also, people love sharing videos, making it an excellent media type to boost your reach.

2. Threads Can Reel in Your Target Audience’s Attention

If you avoid specific topics because there’s too much to cover, you must try Twitter threads. It is a feature on Twitter that allows you to create long-form content without subscribing to X Premium. You can show your expertise in a specific topic and have a call to action at the end.

For example, you provide personalized marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses. In your thread, you focus on sharing helpful tips for smaller organizations. You also include real-world examples with screenshots of how your tips helped various companies. At the end, you include a call-to-action, asking organizations to contact you for marketing solutions.

Your first post in the thread has to make readers stop whatever they are doing and go through your content. This means you need a hook or find a way to entice them to check out the rest of the posts. It needs to be short, as people are scrolling past tweets quickly. If there is a block of text, users will assume it’s time-consuming to read and move to the next post.

Every post has to be of the same or higher quality than the previous tweet. This ensures people remain interested in your thread as they consume your content.

Storytelling is another element to use while creating threads. Your experiences and examples make your content unique.

Use formatting to make it easier for people to consume your content. Break up longer paragraphs into smaller sections and use bullet points when applicable.

Always be concise in your content, as people want smaller pieces of information. Also, this makes your content easier to understand.

3. Talk to Your Audience

People want to have conversations, especially with the accounts they follow on Twitter. Don’t just call it a day after you publish your post as per your content schedule. You also need to see what’s happening and join the discussions.

If you don’t reply to the comments, your followers will eventually stop sharing their opinions in your posts. Sometimes, they may even provide valuable tips on how to improve. In such situations, always thank the commenters.

Similarly, you must respond whenever someone from your target audience tags you in their post. There may be situations where the person mentions you by name but doesn’t include your username. You can find such posts with X’s advanced search feature.

How To Use Twitter for Business Marketing?: Get Started With These 3 Guides

According to X, launching your products on this platform increases brand awareness by 18%. Also, there’s a higher chance people will purchase your new products when you market them on this social network. This is why brands continue to focus on this platform. Here’s how to use Twitter for business marketing.

1. Create and Follow Your Content Calendar

It may take some time to create your content calendar for your business, but this is worth the effort. Crafting content for your posts on the fly can be easy initially. However, it becomes challenging, taking more effort and time with each passing day.

First, you need to step back and analyze your business’s account. Note your profile’s current posting schedule, number of followers, and engagement metrics. Also, go through your tweets and identify content that’s popular with your target audience.

The second phase is establishing goals, which lets you know what to do on Twitter daily. The targets must be relevant, achievable, and specific to your business. Also, they should come with time constraints. This way, you can always look back to see if you’re on the right track.

Finally, you can start creating your content calendar. Make sure you balance out different topics to ensure your content is engaging. 

2. Respond to Your Customers Negative Reviews as Soon as Possible 

Why should customer support be a part of your social media marketing strategies on Twitter? People usually reach out to businesses when they’re facing issues. Customers will think negatively about you if you don’t respond to these posts. Also, other people will see these tweets, affecting your credibility and reputation.

Responding to your customers’ negative posts quickly shows that you care about their opinions. You can offer quick resolutions or even request them to send a direct message (DM) for personalized solutions.

Your potential customers may check your Twitter profile before buying from your business. When they see how you handle negative reviews, it increases their confidence in your brand.

3. Supplement Your Organic Content Strategy With Paid Marketing

The problem with organic content strategy is that it takes time to see the results of your efforts. In the meantime, create Twitter ads to help you reach a larger audience faster. The platform offers different formats, depending on your requirements.

For example, the follower campaign enables you to target people most likely to show interest in your business. There’s the Quick Promote feature to revive your best-performing content and boost its visibility.

Keyword targeting ensures your account and content are visible when people use specific phrases and terms.

3 Tools for Twitter Marketing and Tracking Your Performance 

Tools for Twitter marketing streamline various processes and make it easier to manage your account. They eliminate the need to perform multiple tasks manually. For example, you don’t have to calculate the engagement rate for your posts.

There are three tools you can use for marketing on Twitter:

  1. X or Twitter Analytics: X Analytics is a free tool to track the performance of your posts and marketing campaigns. It shows you the top-performing posts, which you can quickly promote. You can see your engagement rate, new followers, impressions, link clicks, reposts without comments, and average likes and replies.
  2. Buffer: Buffer is another popular tool for Twitter. It provides additional scheduling features, like queueing and publishing threads later. Find your best-performing hashtags and repost your popular tweets to increase engagement.
  3. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is your all-in-one tool for managing your Twitter account. There’s a social listening tool to learn your audience’s real opinions about your brand. It comes with an AI tweet generator to reduce your creative workload. Also, you can find the best time to post and schedule your tweets accordingly.

Twitter Affiliate Marketing: 2 Tips To Generate Revenue Quickly

Twitter affiliate marketing provides an excellent way to create a revenue stream. However, most people tend to get it wrong, which is why they don’t see any results. Follow the two tips below to ensure your efforts pay off:

  1. Don’t only share affiliate links: A common mistake people make is only posting affiliate links in their tweets. Active users on Twitter will automatically tune out your posts when they only see sales content from your profile. Make it a point to share other content, like opinions from market experts. 
  2. The goal should be to build your following by providing high-quality content. Once you have a sizable audience, you can sprinkle promotional content to convert your followers to customers.Give your profile a professional makeover: You don’t have to keep sharing affiliate links with a professional profile. For starters, ensure nothing is missing from your profile page. Pin a post with your affiliate link so people don’t miss the URL. Also, highlight your expertise on your profile page to give your account the air of credibility.

Twitter Influencer Marketing: 3 Tips To Get Better Results

Twitter influencer marketing involves collaborating with popular figures on X to increase brand awareness. This is similar to paid marketing and can help you get better results from your strategies. When using this technique, remember to use the following three tips:

  1. Have a budget before reaching out to influencers: Allocating a budget for your influencer marketing campaign is essential, as this defines who you can approach. How much you need to set aside depends on your niche. 
  2. Collaborate with influencers relevant to your brand: It’s always better to work with influencers in your niche, as they can understand your brand and convey your message. The right influencers can leave a long-lasting positive impression on your audience.
  3. The campaign brief should have room for creative freedom: Your campaign brief contains all the guidelines influencers need to follow. However, you shouldn’t be too restrictive, as this hampers creativity. Having too much say in what influencers should do can result in low-quality content. Letting the creators express themselves with light guardrails can give an authentic touch to their content.

Twitter Marketing Tips: Use TweetDelete To Erase Your Mistakes Permanently

Implement the various tips for marketing on Twitter and measure their performance. Use the metrics data to improve your strategies and get better results.

Sometimes, you can make mistakes during marketing, which significantly affects your account’s credibility. For instance, you jumped on the wrong Twitter trend, so you’re facing significant backlash from your followers.

Or, you published several tweets, which seemed fine during the review process. However, your target audience found such content offensive, so they no longer consider you trustworthy.

TweetDelete comes with the ability to mass-delete tweets to erase any number of posts with mistakes. You can find these posts in minutes thanks to the custom filter feature. With the auto-delete function, this tool will remove specific posts, even when you’re away from Twitter.

Get the best results from the above Twitter marketing tips and prevent mistakes from haunting you by joining TweetDelete!


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