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How To Build Twitter Followers: Top Secrets To Unlock Growth


Mar 20, 2024 9 mins read
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If you want to increase your reach and improve your credibility, you need to know how to build Twitter followers. These users will interact with your posts as they find your content interesting.

When X, formerly Twitter’s algorithm, notices this activity, it boosts your tweets, and they show up in other users’ feeds. As a result, non-followers will get to know about your account, increasing the chances of converting them to your followers.

Today, let’s explore the inner workings of boosting your follower count on X.

Twitter Target Audience: What Are They and How To Find These Users

The Twitter target audience is users who will show interest in your content, products, and services. Knowing who these people are lets you personalize your posts and marketing strategies on the platform.

Doing this enables you to efficiently use your resources and time and get maximum impact from your efforts. 

You can group your target audience on X by demographics, interest, location, behavior, and intent. Why? These users tend to have common characteristics, and segmenting them allows you to tailor your messaging accordingly. As a result, there’s a higher chance you’ll connect with them on a personal level and make them your followers.

There are several ways to find your target audience. Below is a simple three-step technique to understand who you should focus on X:

  1. Analyze your existing followers: Learn more about the users following you on X. Find the follower demographics, language, age, interests, and location. What kind of posts do they engage with on X? Who else do they follow in your niche to get relevant information? The answers to these questions will help you understand how to target like-minded individuals.
  2. Review your competitors on X: Your competition on this social media platform can teach you a lot about your target audience. Who are your competitors focusing on, and how do they do it? Go through their posts to see who’s engaging with their different types of content. Similarly, find out who your competitors reach out to, as this will also point you in the right direction.
  3. Create personas of your ideal followers: After you gather all the information from your existing followers and competition, create a persona of your ideal followers. This gives you an idea of your target audience.

How To Get More Followers on Twitter for Free?: Use These 3 Tips

Running follower campaigns via Twitter ads is an easy way to get the right users to check out your profile. What if you don’t have a budget or want to test the waters of this platform before investing your resources? Here are three tips on how to get more followers on Twitter for free:

  1. Find out when you should post on X: Timing is everything, especially on a fast-paced platform like X. Even though people spend a lot of time online, your audience won’t always be active on this platform. Learning when they come online makes it more likely they’ll see your posts in their feeds. Don’t worry if you get it wrong initially, as you’ll eventually get the hang of it.
  2. Weave personal experiences and stories into your content: People and brands on X, primarily your competitors, focus on publishing high-quality and valuable content. As there are also AI tweet generators, how do you stand out? A simple solution is to add your personal experiences and stories to your content. Storytelling makes your posts unique and engaging.
  3. Show up every day on X with a content calendar: You need to post consistently on social media platforms for your content to gain traction. X may not always show your posts to your followers. However, don’t compromise on content quality just for the sake of tweeting regularly. Instead, use reposts to share the posts of content creators and industry leaders. Also, try the quote post feature to add your unique take on the topic.

How To Get Noticed on Twitter: 3 Solutions To Get Your Audience’s Attention

Users on X will scroll through hundreds of posts on their timelines. This means you need to figure out how to capture their attention so that they read your tweets. Use the following three strategies on how to get noticed on Twitter:

  1. A strong opening can get people to stop scrolling: The first one or two sentences in your post determine whether users will go through your post. You need to start strong, as you only have a few seconds at your disposal. A hook, statistics, promises, and outrageous but factual statements will quickly get your audience’s attention. Similarly, think of how to make users curious so they’ll open your post and go through it.
  2. Get X Premium and reply to leaders in your niche: X Premium boosts your replies, ensuring they get more impressions. Use this to your advantage when leaving replies to posts from industry leaders or other influential figures in your niche. Visit their profiles and turn on notifications so that you know when they post. Come up with meaningful replies to start conversations.
  3. Join relevant trends and global events on X: When news or topics start trending on X, you need to participate in these conversations. This is a common technique content creators use to get their audience’s attention. Think about how you can join the discussion. For instance, if there is something people aren’t covering about a trend, this can be your way in.

What Is the Average Number of Twitter Followers?: Set Targets for Your Account

Establishing targets for your profile is an excellent practice. For starters, it provides context on where you stand in relation to your goals. This can push you to learn new strategies and change your approach to increase your follower count.

According to Brandwatch, the average number of Twitter followers is 707. Statista’s records indicate people who post regularly from the U.S. have 159 followers. However, users who rarely tweet tend to have 15 followers.

However, this doesn’t mean you should also focus on hitting these figures. Why? There can be variables depending on your industry. For example, your target audience for your niche may not be as active as other categories. As a result, it may be harder to hit this average figure.

Similarly, the follower count can also be inaccurate, as there are fake and bot accounts on the platform.

You need to focus on getting quality followers, as they are valuable. This approach is better than attracting a large number of users. These people may not show genuine interest, which is why you won’t get satisfactory results from your efforts.

Also, tracking your metrics and seeing whether your follower count is growing is always better. This can help you evaluate your performance and make necessary changes for continuous improvement.

How To Build a Twitter Following for Business: Start With These 2 Tips

If you are operating a brand account, you’ll want to know how to build a Twitter following for business. Try out the two tips in this guide, which will help you get the desired results.

1. How To Build Twitter Followers: Take Time To Set Up Your Profile Properly

Usually, people don’t spend too much time setting up their profiles. They breeze through the entire process so that they can start using X. However, as a business, you can’t do the same. 

Why? Imagine a few details are missing on your profile page. This is equivalent to handing out blank business cards to potential clients. How will they know what your brand is all about? Also, missing information makes you look unprofessional, driving your target audience away from your profile.

Incorporate these tips while setting up your profile:

  1. Always ensure you use a high-quality and clear image as your profile photo.
  2. Your header image can have additional content. Information about your brand or call-to-actions is invaluable. When profile visitors see this picture, they will quickly understand what your business does at a glance. 
  3. Adding a website link to your business page will increase traffic to your site. 
  4. A pinned post is a simple yet effective way to showcase your content. This can help set the stage for what to expect from your profile.
  5. Use your bio to provide relevant information about your business quickly.

2. Promotional Content Shouldn’t Be Your Number One Priority on X

People use X to have conversations, not go through countless promotional messages. While such content is necessary, it should take a back seat on this platform. How to build up Twitter followers in this instance? Focus on providing more valuable content for your followers.

People need to know they can rely on you when they need information or to learn something. This increases your authoritativeness, and eventually, users will look at you as an industry expert.

Try keeping 80% of your tweets informational and the remaining 20% promotional content. Or, you can publish four posts you know your audience finds engaging, one repost, and two tweets about your offerings.

Prevent Your Followers From Unfollowing Your Twitter Account With TweetDelete

Implement the various tips in this guide on how to build a following on Twitter. Measure the results via X or Twitter Analytics and refine your strategies to get better outcomes.

What you post on X significantly affects whether people will hit the follow button on your profile. Tweets that fall in the realm of controversial, insensitive, offensive, or anything negative can push people away from your account. Growing your follower count after people see such posts in your profile can seem impossible.

With TweetDelete, you can quickly remove such tweets before your followers see them. This tool can bulk-delete tweets, allowing you to remove hundreds of posts easily. You don’t have to spend hours scrolling to find these tweets, as it comes with a custom filter.

If you know what these controversial or offensive posts contain, use the auto-delete tweets feature. Share the keywords and relevant hashtags in these tweets, and TweetDelete will erase them automatically.

This ensures the tips in this “How To Build Twitter Followers” guide will continue to work.

Become a part of TweetDelete’s family today to ensure the wrong posts don’t tank your follower count!


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