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How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter Explained

Duane Columbres

Mar 21, 2024 10 mins read
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Twitter makes it easy to share all kinds of media on the platform. However, when viewing certain content, you see a warning. It informs you the media may have sensitive content. Along with this message, there’s an eye with a diagonal line. You can only see the content after interacting with it. As you keep scrolling, it becomes off-putting to see the message constantly. So, how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter?

What is sensitive content according to the platform? Can you disable this message on any device, say an Android or iOS smartphone? Continue reading and learn how to remove the sensitive content warning.

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Deep Dive Into How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter

First of all, why do you keep getting sensitive content warnings? You already asked the platform to display the media once. But you still see the same message for several photos and videos in your timeline. Before explaining how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter, let’s understand this label.

As the name suggests, sensitive content is any media that may upset the audience. Well, it is quite broad when you think of it in this way. As people from all walks of life use Twitter, the platform wants to cater to everyone.

Does this mean it’s strict about what you can and can’t do on the site? Not really, especially when you compare the restrictions to other social media platforms.

Twitter developed a way to maintain parity among all users with sensitive content warnings. It informs people that there may be photos and videos they don’t like. When they see this warning, they can view the content. Otherwise, they can continue scrolling through their Twitter feed.

Removing the warning is easy if you don’t mind watching any content. Selecting Show allows you to view the media whenever you see the message.

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What Does Twitter Consider as Sensitive Content?

Regarding how to turn off sensitive content, what makes the warning appear on your feed? Twitter has five types of sensitive media, as highlighted below:

  • Adult nudity and sexual behavior
  • Bestiality and necrophilia
  • Graphic content
  • Gratuitous gore
  • Violent sexual conduct

Posting anything that falls under bestiality, necrophilia, gratuitous gore, and violent sexual conduct is a serious violation. Twitter takes strict action against accounts that tweet these types of media. When users get their first warning, the platform will ask them to remove the content.

The second or any other consequent violation will result in an account suspension. Similarly, if a significant portion of the tweets falls into these categories, it’s an automatic suspension.

There are certain exceptions to these types of sensitive media. For instance, Twitter considers educational and documentary content as exceptional cases. If there is a medical, artistic or health-related reason, the platform may allow it.

Anything related to hunting, food processing and preparation, and religious beliefs may not violate Twitter’s rules. However, avoid posting these types of content at all costs.

Guidelines for How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter

What happens after following the steps on how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter? Usually, you’ll see content that falls under adult nudity, graphic content, and sexual behavior. Twitter treats these types differently and uses different content guidelines.

Just because you see them doesn’t mean the platform is okay with these types of content. Twitter still tries to ensure this sensitive media isn’t readily available to everyone. You won’t find it with high visibility on any portion of the profile. These parts are community cover photos, list banner images, header and profile photos and live video. Here, you cannot use any sensitive media.

Well, what if the Twitter user tweets along these lines? In this case, the account has to inform the platform that it hosts sensitive content. As a result, Twitter will issue a warning to anyone who visits the user.

What if you want to put up sensitive tweets? Let’s assume something is happening in your locality, and wish to raise awareness. In this case, you’ll need to mark your tweet as sensitive. You can do this on a single post.

What if you run a local news agency and several posts contain sensitive content? In this case, marking all your posts as sensitive is better. However, doing it tweet by tweet can take significant time and effort. Instead, you can mark the media you tweet contains sensitive content. You’ll need to do this in the app or web settings.

How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter: 3 Simple Ways?

Graphic content refers to anything related to crimes, medical processes, violence, accidents, and death. Adult nudity and sexual behavior are for any consensual sex-related content. What if you’re okay with sensitive media like graphic content, adult nudity and sexual behavior? If you don’t mind them in your timeline, here’s how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter.

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How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter Using a Browser

There are several solutions to how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter. If you don’t use the official app, the only other option is to use a web browser. Here is a seven-step guide for every browser:

  1. First, you must visit the Twitter website and log in to your account.
  2. Now, select More from the sidebar. It is the last setting in the menu.
  3. From the new drop-down menu, click on Settings & Support.
  4. On this page, click on Settings and Privacy. You’ll now be on the Settings page.
  5. Now, select Privacy and Safety, which opens another menu.
  6. Navigate to Content You See. You’ll find it below Your Twitter Activity.
  7. There’s an option called Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content. Click the checkbox to enable this setting. By default, you can’t see sensitive content.

The platform automatically saves your settings. You can go back to your timeline and refresh the page. There won’t be a warning message whenever you see a tweet with sensitive media.

How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter App?

What if you’re using Twitter on your Android smartphone? Do you have to visit the website and follow the instructions for how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter? Fortunately, it is a straightforward process. Follow these seven steps for how to turn off sensitive content on the Twitter app using Android devices:

  1. Open the official app on your smartphone. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to your timeline and swipe from left to right. Or, you can tap on your miniature profile icon.
  3. When the sidebar appears, select Settings & Support. A new menu drops down.
  4. Tap on Settings and Privacy, which takes you to the Settings tab.
  5. Look for Privacy and Safety and select it.
  6. Open the setting Content You See. You’ll see Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content.
  7. Enable this setting by tapping on it.

Return to your homepage and see if any warning messages on sensitive tweets appear. If you follow all the above steps, there won’t be any disclaimers. To be on the safer side, close and start the app again.

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How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter on iPhone

The previous how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter are for Android devices. What if you use an iOS smartphone? There is no in-app solution on how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter on iPhone.

You’ll have to use a browser and change it from the privacy settings. This procedure will work for any popular web browser, i.e., Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari. Follow the instructions highlighted under Web.

What if you still can’t see this option when you use your iPhone? In this case, try enabling Desktop Site on your mobile browser.

How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter on iPhone

How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter Search?

You followed the above instructions on how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter. However, it still feels the same when you try to use the platform’s search function. In other words, no sensitive content appears in the search results.

It’s because Twitter disables this option by default. Follow these steps and enable it to get past the platform’s filter:


  1. Go to your Twitter timeline or homepage and click More from the sidebar.
  2. Now navigate to Settings & Support>Settings and Privacy>Privacy and Safety.
  3. Click on Content You See and open Search Settings.
  4. You’ll see Hide Sensitive Content is on. Click the checkbox to disable it.

Android Devices

  1. From the official app, tap on your profile photo.
  2. Go to this page – Settings & Support>Settings and Privacy>Privacy and Safety.
  3. Tap on Content You See. You’ll see Search Settings. Select this option.
  4. Here, you’ll find Hide Sensitive Content. Tap on the setting to disable it.

iOS Devices

As highlighted earlier in this article, the iOS app doesn’t have this option. You need to use a browser and follow the same instructions.

After disabling Hide Sensitive Content, sensitive media will appear in Twitter’s search results. If this doesn’t happen, go through the above steps again. Restart the browser or app and check again.

Following Up on How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter

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You now know how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter. Now, you’ll see all media types without dealing with the label. Going through your Twitter feed becomes a seamless experience.

Although several systems exist to identify this content, some may go under the radar. If you notice that the media falls under the restricted category, you should report them. After all, this makes the platform a safe space for everyone. Here’s how you can report sensitive content to Twitter:

Web or App

  1. Open Twitter and go to the tweet containing sensitive media.
  2. Select the three-dot icon next to the post. It is available on the web and the official app.
  3. At the bottom, you’ll see Report Tweet. Select this option.
  4. You’ll need to provide a reason. Choose It Displays a Sensitive Photo or Video.
  5. Follow all the instructions provided by Twitter. Ensure you answer all questions truthfully, as the platform takes reports seriously.

Once Twitter receives the report, they will go through the tweet. They will inform the account if they feel the post violates their rules. The platform takes the necessary action depending on how severe the offense is. For example, the account may receive a shadow ban.

What if you want to remove tweets containing adult content or sensitive media from your profile? You may have to do this, especially if you’re interviewing for a job. Recruiters check your social media accounts as part of the screening process. However, deleting multiple tweets is cumbersome. Instead, you can make it a one-click process with TweetDelete. Find all your tweets containing sensitive tweets and delete them in one go. Make your Twitter profile presentable today!

Duane Columbres

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