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Fake Twitter Accounts:  Exploring the Phenomenon

Tweet Delete Team

Jul 12, 2024 6 mins read
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Not all that meets the eye on Twitter is true these days. Though millions of real people create accounts to mingle, network, and interact, several false accounts exist on the platform. People create these fake Twitter accounts for malicious and deceptive purposes. Sometimes, they serve as instruments of cyberbullying, political manipulation, spam attacks, and false follower counts. However, not all fake Twitter accounts have negative intent.

Some bot accounts promote positive content and spread authentic information. But regardless, one ought to be careful as interacting with fake accounts pose hacking dangers. So, Twitter users must learn how to distinguish real and pseudonymous accounts. But this will only be possible with complete knowledge of false accounts. Hence, this article divulges all the recent information on false accounts on Twitter, aka X.

Fake Twitter Verified Accounts: Fishing Them out of the Crowd

Despite Twitter’s policy against impersonation and deceptive identity, several such accounts thrive. When browsing the app, there’s a high tendency to encounter accounts that impersonate others. Aside from these, people use impostor accounts to spread spam messages, clickbaits, and phishing links. Thus, the prevalence of falsity on Twitter spurs questions about identifying unreal profiles.

Previously, spotting a fake Twitter account was as easy as analyzing the account profile to determine eggheads. Signs of egghead accounts include a lack of a Twitter header, bio, and personalization. However, false Twitter accounts now upload abstract headers and scanty bios.

Previously, accounts with Twitter’s verification mark were those with proof of authenticity and relevance. But since Elon Musk changed the rules after rebranding Twitter to X. So, verification no longer implies authenticity. Rather, it is now a means of identifying subscribers of Twitter Blue. Thus, false accounts buy the blue checks, leading to fake verified Twitter accounts. But don’t worry; below are tips to help you identify fake verified accounts on X.

  1. Search the account’s handle to see if many accounts have the same username. If there are, the one with the most tweets and interaction is likely real.
  2. Pseudonymous accounts often have random numbers in their usernames, especially if they function with artificial automation. 
  3. Analyze the content of suspicious accounts. They’re likely fake if their content is spammy or has dubious links and ads. 
  4. False verified accounts also post at intervals. You might be dealing with a false account when the posts have a similar pattern.

With these tips, you can identify fake profiles and avoid interacting with them.

How Many Twitter Accounts Are Fake? Let’s Do the Math

People have been using fake Twitter accounts right from the onset. Not everyone knew this previously, but tweeps are gaining enlightenment with more encounters. Some fake accounts target online personalities and spread defamatory information, while others practice hate speech. Besides cyberbullying, fake accounts also perpetrate online scams and disseminate misleading information.

Sadly, these acts threaten Twitter users’ safety, financial security, and mental health. Therefore, there are concerns about the growth of false profiles. Several tweeps want to know how many Twitter accounts are fake. However, it is difficult to decipher the exact number of fake accounts existing on Twitter. That’s because there’s no one-size-fits-all definition of a false account.

For example, some believe that parody accounts are fake, whereas Twitter says otherwise. Therefore, researchers use various metrics to categorize such accounts. However, according to CNN, Elon Musk claimed that about 5% of all Twitter accounts were fake before acquiring Twitter.

Thus, since Twitter has 368 million active users, the number of spam accounts on the platform is about 18.4 million. As you can see, the figure is quite large, so you should be cautious of your online dealings. So, before establishing a deep connection with anyone on Twitter, apply the tips in the previous section.

Best Fake Twitter Accounts: Hilarious Handles for Good Laughs

You shouldn’t assume that fake accounts always have dubious plans. Some tweet satirical jokes and provide entertainment. Thus, this makes Twitter a fun app to log into whenever you feel gloomy. You’ll find content that’ll make you laugh until your tummy hurts. However, you need to follow the right accounts. So, here are the best fake Twitter accounts.


You should know that Lord Voldemort is a fictional character from the Harry Potter series. But you wouldn’t know that he’s walking the streets of Twitter. But rather than spreading fear and rage, the dark lord drops funny satires about Hogwarts and Harry Potter’s fictional characters. So, if you’re ever in the mood for dark humor, check out this fake profile.


This fake account with the gold check mark posts images and video tweets. Interestingly, these tweets are chips of comedy shows that air on the streaming platform Netflix. This false account spares no one, not even the comedians and subscribers. Some of the jokes are actually on you.

These are just a few but many amusing false accounts post-Twitter memes. If you come across one, enjoy the jokes and laugh along.

What Are Twitter Bots? Automation and Robotics

Do you know that bot software controls some Twitter accounts? These bots carry out automated actions. Their programming enables them to function like regular Twitter users. So they tweet, retweet, follow, unfollow, send Direct messages, like people’s content, and reply to comments. However, they mostly retweet, and this is a sign that often gives them away.

While some bots function following Twitter’s automation rules, others do not. The former are helpful as they broadcast useful content. You can identify these by a robot icon in their profiles. However, the latter are problematic. These include political bots, which disseminate deceptive information to influence Twitter trends and mislead voters.

Hackers can even use Twitter bots to spread malware, so you must be on the lookout. You can decipher bot accounts through automated replies, similar tweet timing, bland profiles, and low follower ratios. You can help Twitter build a safe environment by reporting nefarious bot accounts if you encounter any.

Fake or Real Twitter Followers: Wrong or Right?

Not all that glitters is gold. Some Twitter users would go to great lengths to achieve popularity and fame. While others strive to grow their followers organically with real Twitter followers, some cut the chase and employ inorganic means. So, several accounts with large amounts of followers employ bots. Due to the prevalence of fake Twitter accounts, numerous followers no longer equals popularity.

Real people, including celebrities, have come under fire for seeking shortcuts to fame. They patronize third-party apps selling likes and replies, which is risky. Twitter may suspend or ban accounts with a large number of fake followers. As such, you should limit association with fake Twitter accounts by blocking them. If you’re the guilty party, you should purge your account clean.

While at that, you should also rid your timeline of spammy and sensitive content by manually deleting your tweets. But you’ll need help if they’re too much. So, at TweetDelete, we’ve invented a web application for filtering and deleting bulk tweets and archives. This app loads, imports, and deletes bulk without spreading promotional content on your timeline. So, start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

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